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Connaught Place

Do you want to experience the shopping spirit of India personally? Then soak in the climate of Connaught Place, one of the most active business districts in India.

Where is the place?

It is located in Delhi. The place derives its name from the Duke of Connaught, a memeber of the roal family of Britain. This huge circular market was constructed by the Britishers in 1933. In modern India, it finds pride of place as a heritage shopping hub.


English is understood here and is the most important written language. The major spoken language is Hindi, followed by Punjabi, Haryanvi, Gujarati and Marathi.


The best time to visit the place is in the months February, March, October and November. A number of important festivals are observed here during these months. This fact makes these months the ideal time to make a trip to the district. Make sure that you take heavy woolen clothes along if you want to catch Delhi in its winter glory. If you are visiting the place in the summer months, cotton dresses will work best.


The district is above all, a marketplace. Besides, it is situated in New Delhi, the political caiptal of India. Quite expectedly, the place is well connected via a lot of roads and railways. The well maintained roads and subways ensure that there is free flow of traffic. The Delhi underground Metro railways connect every section of the city seamlessly. Coming to New Delhi by air is very easy. The Indira Gandhi International Airport and the Safdarjung Airport take care of all fliers to the city.

Popular hotels in Connaught Place

The region has a number of hotels and accommodations for visitors who want to stay in the place. Many people also visit Connaught for business purposes. That is the reason why many hotels and accommodations have been set up here in the last few years. Some of the important hotels are :

  • Connaught Hotel Delhi
  • Hans Hotel New Delhi
  • Imperial Hotel
  • Ajanta Hotel
  • Ashok Country Resort
  • Maidens Hotel
  • Metropolitan Hotel New Delhi
  • Park Hotel
  • Apartment 52 Hotel
  • Ashiana Hotel Delhi
  • Aura Hotel Delhi
  • Centra Inn New Delhi Hotel
  • Chand Palace Hotel
  • Claridges Hotel New Delhi
  • Clark Green Hotel & Spa Resort
  • Comfort Inn The President Delhi
  • Corus Hotel Delhi
  • Delhi City Centre Hotel
  • Dollar Inn New Delhi Hotel
  • Express 66 Hotel
  • Grand Godwin Hotel
  • Hari Piorko Hotel
  • Jam International Hotel
  • Janpath Hotel
  • JJ International Hotel
  • Jyoti Mahal Guest House
  • Kelson DX Hotel
  • Lal’s Haveli Hotel
  • Lalit New Delhi Hotel
  • Le Meridien New Delhi Hotel
  • Le Roi New Delhi Hotel
  • Legend International Hotel New Delhi
  • Lemon Tree Hotel East Delhi Mall
  • Mandakini Grand Hotel
  • Mohan International Hotel New Delhi
  • Pablas International Hotel
  • Palace Heights Hotel
  • Pallvi Palace Hotel
  • Pearl Plaza Hotel
  • Rama Inn Delhi Hotel

You stay at any of these accomodations in Connaught Place and have a grand shopping time.