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Lifestyle in Delhi

When you visit Delhi you would find it to be a fusion of ancient traditions and modern lifestyles. You will see that on one hand the city still holds dear its past cultural values and follows them. On the other hand there are the modern group of youth and professionals who are imbibing to western thoughts and modern life patterns. You can hear the sound of the Gurbanis of Bangla Sahib, the Qawwalis of Nizamuddin Shrine and the Aartis of Chattarpur Mandir. At the same time you can also hear of the techno tracks and DJ beats of the discotheques and pubs. Delhi is a city that has diversity in people, thoughts and living patterns. We present you with a brief summary on Delhi Lifestyle.

Delhi Cuisine

Delhi lifestyle is also evident in its cuisine and eating habits as well. With regards to food there is no typical food in Delhi that is famous. Rather it is known for several varieties of food. People from all over India came and settled down in Delhi. They brought in their cuisine styles as well. So Delhi is an amalgamation of several cuisine styles. You have the Kebabs, Biriyani, Chinese, Continental, the South Indian Dosa and Uttapam as well as Lassi to choose from. You have the local restaurants as well as the fine dining outlets. They offer you the best of food and beverage.

Delhi Art and Craft

Lifestyle in Delhi is also evident by the art and craft trends in the city. The capital city of India, Delhi is well known for its rich historical past and cultural heritage. Art and craft in Delhi have been famous since the time of the ancient kings and monarchs. It was something that was appreciated and encourage by the royalties. Delhi is known for its set of great dancers, musicians and painters.

This trend has percolated down even till date. There remains a part of the Delhi crowd that has an inclination for arts and handicrafts. They visit the various art exhibitions and local handicrafts fair to have a glimpse of the attractive works that are on display. Sometimes they just visit the exhibitions, galleries and fairs as mere onlookers, whilst there are times when they purchase these works. If you visit some of the residences in Delhi you will see them to be decorated with paintings and artifacts.

Religion in Delhi

Over the years there have been several communities that have migrated to Delhi. This has taken place due to a number of personal as well as professional reasons. As a result of which Delhi has a number of people of various religions and religious faiths. From Sikhs, Muslims, Christians, Hindus, Parsis, Punjabis, Jews to Anglos, Delhi provides a space to all. People are free to follow their religious paths and practices in their own way. Rather people from various communities get together most often to celebrate a festival or occasion and be an active part of the celebrations.

People in Delhi

People in Delhi are one of the most hospitable ones. You will find them to be extremely cheerful and enjoying their lives. Being from various parts of the globe they are multi cultural.

This would be a short synopsis of Delhi lifestyle that will help you to know and explore the city better.