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Delhi Locations

Want to visit a place containing historic attractions? Then make Delhi your top choice. Read on to know all about the popular Delhi locations.

Heritage and Modernity

Delhi is a confluence of the past and the present of India. The historic Indian city of Delhi is embraced in the rich cultural heritage of country. On one hand, the city houses a number of architectural masterpieces from its early days of monarchal rule. On the other hand, the city is on a par with international metros. Good maintenance by the government has kept its heritage sites alive. The rapid urbanization of the city is being reflected in the many modern buildings that have come up in the place in recent years.

Locations in Delhi

The locations in Delhi are attractive not only to Indians but also to foreign tourists. Every year, thousands of tourists from across the world throng this ancient city to get a glimpse of its many locations. Located on the banks of the River Yamuna, Delhi has a host of interesting locations to offer. In fact, much of the charm of Delhi would have been lost without these remarkable hotspots.

The historic attractions in Delhi are a matter of pride to the inhabitants of the city. Some of the ancient Delhi locations include:

  • Purana Quila (Old Fort) - Known as Old fort among Westerners, this ancient structure was built by the great ruler Sher Shah Suri.
  • Qutab Minar - It is the tallest stone tower in India. It was built by Qutub-ud-din Aibak, the renowned king of the slave dynasty, and his successor Iltutmish. It is one of the greatest tourist attractions in Delhi.
  • Red fort - Constructed by the Mughal emperor Shahjahan, this magnificent architecture is the largest monument of Delhi.
  • Lotus Temple - This lotus-shaped structure is located in South Delhi. It is a prayer house of the Bahai community.
  • Jantar Mantar - This observatory was constructed by the monarch Sawai Jai Sigh II in 1725. It is one of the greatest ancient scientific structures in India.
  • Jamma Masjid - It is the largest mosque in Asia. It was built between 1644 and 1658 by Shah Jahan, one of the greatest Mughal emperors.
  • Humayun's Tomb - This magnificent red sandstone structure was built in the 16th century. It was erected in the memory of Mughal emperor Humayun by his wife Haji Begum.

Modern Hotspots in Delhi

Delhi is not only about historic spots. Many of the popular locations in Delhi consist of modern architectures. Take a look at some of these attractive spots.

  • India Gate – This monument was constructed in 1931 to serve as a memory of the 90,000 Indian soldiers who died during the First World War. It is a popular picnic spot.
  • Lakshmi Narayan Temple - It was built in 1938 by the Birla family in India. It is one of the largest and most popular temples in the country. It is dedicated to the Hindu deities Lord Vishnu, Goddess Lakshmi, Lord Shiva, Goddess Durga and Lord Ganesh.
  • National Gallery of Modern Art - It was inaugurated in 1954 and contains many old Indian paintings, sculptures and graphics. It also has a lot of marvelous works of modern Indian art.

Apart from these there are many boutiques and shopping arcades where you can come across traditional Indian crafts. Delhi is also home to some of the finest museums in the country. Nehru Museum and National Museum are other popular Delhi locations. You must check these out to have a complete knowledge of the history and culture of Delhi as well as India.