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New Delhi

Planning to make a trip to the Indian capital? Do you want to have a great time in the capital of India? Know everything from popular attractions and hotels to connectivity and climate in New Delhi.

Is it something new in Delhi?

Yes. It is one of the nine districts of Delhi. The place is located inside Delhi. Designed by the eminent British architects Edwin Lutyens and Herbert Baker, the city was founded in 1911. It is now the capital city of India.


Hindi is the main spoken language in Delhi. English is the principal language used for writing purposes. The other languages used here are Punjabi, Sindhi, Haryanvi, Marathi and Gujarati.


The ideal time to visit the city is anytime from February to April and August to November. A number of colourful festivals are held here from October to March. If you want to witness the place in its festive attire, the months October, November, February and March are perfect.


Being the capital of India, it is expectedly a planned city. A number of roads, railways and airlines ensure that tourists can reach the place easily.


The city boasts of a number of good roads. Some of these are :

  • Rajpath
  • Janpath
  • Akbar Road

There are also several underground subways to help pedestrians. In end 2008, 15 subways were functional.


The NDRS is the main railway station in the district. It connects Delhi with all the other parts of the nation. It is said to be one of the largest Indian railway stations. The city also boasts of an underground metro railway. The Delhi Metro is a matter of pride and a source of great comfort for residents of the district.


The Indira Gandhi International Airport and the Safdarjung Airport are the two major airfields in the city.

Tourist attractions in New Delhi

The place has a number of tourist hotspots that range from ancient architectures to modern structures. The popular tourist attractions in the place comprise of historic as well as modern locations. These are:

  • Jantar Mantar - This ancient observatory is located at the Connaught Place in the city. Built in 1725 by the ruler Sawai Jai Sigh II, the observatory consists of salmond colored structures. It is regarded as one of the greatest early Indian scientific structures.
  • Delhi Crafts Museum - This wonderful museum contains tribal crafts, rural handicrafts, paintings, woodcarvings, paper-mache crafts and embroidery works. A highlight of the museum is a full-sized wooden palace from Gujarat. It is a nice place to get a glimpse of rural India.
  • Lakshmi Narayan Temple - It is one of the most popular hotspots in the place. Constructed in 1938 by the Birla family, the temple houses the shrines of the Hindu deities Lord Vishnu, Goddess Lakshmi, Lord Shiva, Goddess Durga and Lord Ganesh. People of any faith are granted entry in this temple.


This list of hotels can be of help if you are visiting the place.

  • Wood Castle
  • Taj Mahal Hotel
  • Hotel Aster Inn
  • Hotel Grand Park Inn
  • The Amber
  • Hotel Palace Heights
  • Taj Palace Hotel
  • Amarya Garden
  • The Imperial

You stay at any of these hotels in New Delhi and have a great vacation.