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Nightlife in Delhi

Nightlife in Delhi is very active as the youths and the young professionals love to enjoy themselves. They love to party over the weekend. Some of the young office goers love to catch for a drink or lounge around for a while post office. In the modern day life people take it as a stress buster after a days work. This is one of the reasons why nightlife in Delhi has so many options.

Nature of Delhi Nightlife

The clubs, discos and pubs have come up in Delhi because of the lifestyle and habits. If you are in the city and feel like dancing, you can hop into one of the well known hotels that have got a private disco or pub.

Nightlife in Delhi is very relaxed and cool in Delhi. Every hotel has got a discotheque and big pub for people to be a part of, from Hyatt, to Le Meridian or The Taj. If you are stationed in Noida which is near to Delhi you can take a drive to “Elevate”. You can have a single entry as well have a couple’s pass.

Discos in Delhi

Delhi is has some of the best bars and discs. If you want to party with your friends, then there is nothing like the Delhi nightlife. Let’s have a look at some of the popular discos where you can hang out with friends and near ones. Some of the names are given below.

Famous Discos in Delhi

A little further from Delhi in Gurgaon you will find the Steel, which is a nice to place to relax and chill out with your friends late evening or at night. During weekends you can spot a lot of couple here. If you are single you can also get an entry for yourself.

Few other names that would be worth mentioning here would be:-

  • Ad Maker Nightclub, Bar & Pub
  • Lovely Obsessions Nightclub
  • Den Nightclub
  • Pure By Kuki Nightclub
  • Saffire Bistro Lounge and Nightclub
  • Dublin Nightclub, Bar & Pub
  • The Deck Nightclub
  • Royal Mirage Nightclub

These would be some of the places that you can visit and enjoy the pulse of the Delhi Night life.

Trends in Delhi Nightlife

Few years from now the very typical way of enjoying nightlife in Delhi would be a watching a blockbuster movie at night show. Mostly people used to go with their families. This would be followed by dinner at a multi cuisine restaurant. The scenario has changed to a great amount.

Parents have become very liberal and open minded. Previously they did not allow their kids to have party at night with friends. Today the youth in Delhi party with their friends and buddies. Sometimes they arrange get together at homes too.

Adding on to that the presence of so many pubs and discos also gives people the scope to explore the nightlife in Delhi. If you have a group of friends who are party goers then you will lots of options to go to. Needless to say you sure would have a good time.