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Delhi People and Population

Delhi has a diversity of its own. There are people from various cultures and religion inhabiting together. Due to better employment and lifestyle people over the years have sifted their base to Delhi. The place has got a rich cultural history and background. The demographic mix is also diverse. An overview of Delhi people and population would reveal the city dynamics and other interesting details.

Delhi Population

The population of Delhi comprises of Punjabi, Hindi, English, and Urdu speaking people. It is considered to be the biggest metropolitan city after Mumbai. The approximate count of population residing in Delhi is 1,38,50,507 according to the 2001 Census. Amongst the total population, there are 76,07,34 males and 62,43,273 females. As per the 2001 Census, the population of Delhi and New Delhi together had come up to 46.3% in 1991-2001.

The New Delhi population has increased due to people migrating to the capital city owing to better living standards. It is estimated that the population in New Delhi would increase to 40% of the present percentage by 2012.

Literacy rate in Delhi

The Delhi mass in general is an erudite bunch of people having interest in various studies and activities. The literacy rate in Delhi is estimated to be 81.82 % approximately.

Gender Ratio in Delhi

The female gender ratio is 821 per 1000 males in Delhi


The district is above all, a marketplace. Besides, it is situated in New Delhi, the political caiptal of India. Quite expectedly, the place is well connected via a lot of roads and railways. The well maintained roads and subways ensure that there is free flow of traffic. The Delhi underground Metro railways connect every section of the city seamlessly. Coming to New Delhi by air is very easy. The Indira Gandhi International Airport and the Safdarjung Airport take care of all fliers to the city.

Delhi Culture

Delhi people and population also reflect the cultural diversity. The diversity is seen at its best during any particular festival. People from all communities come together for a common cause. The notable festivals that are celebrated with great pomp and ceremony are Holi, Id, Guru Purab, Christmas, Diwali, and Buddha Purnima. Delhi is high on celebrations and festivals. People in Delhi are very open hearted, lively and love to enjoy life and its celebrations.

People in Delhi

Due to migration there has been an increase in population in Delhi. So the population is now a mix of immigrants and the Delhi borns. There have been people from the nearby places of Uttar Pradesh and Haryana have shifted to Delhi owing to better living standards and lifestyle.

People in Delhi are professional and goal oriented. They also love to party and enjoy themselves during weekends. Food is more than a necessity in Delhi. People relish their food and love to experiment with several cuisine delicacies. This is one of the reasons why you would find several food joints and eateries. They are also easy going people who love to work hard during the weekdays and enjoy during the weekends.

Delhi Lifestyle

The general lifestyle of Delhi is evolved and high class. The official and residential buildings are well furnished. You would be provided with all the basic necessities. In terms of living you would get the high range apartments and bungalows as well as the ones with reasonable rates. Delhi is known as the shopper’s favorite destinations.

The splash shopping malls and plazas provides you with the best variety of goods and products. Over the years pollution has increased in the city, but the Pollution Control Board is taking actions for it.

These would some of the details about Delhi people and population that would be helpful if you planning to know more about the city.