Culture of Delhi

Culture of Delhi is a mix of the cultures found in different states of India. This is because people from all over the country and also from other continents have migrated to settle and earn their livelihood. The culture of Delhi is also influenced by the culture of the adjoining regions. For instance, Delhi is close to / in proximity to states like Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Punjab, and Rajasthan etc. As such, you will find cultural reflection of all these states in Delhi.

Delhi is also famous for its historical past. And this is essentially reflected in culture of Delhi too. So, you will definitely find a mix of the old world charm and contemporary overtones in the culture of Delhi.

Since Delhi shares its borders with few other states, it does show influence of their culture on the culture of the city.

When you travel through Delhi, you will get to hear qawwalis, aartis, and gurbanis at the different places of worship. Simultaneously, you will also get to hear loud rock music at the pubs and the discotheques.

Fairs and festivals in Delhi

Fairs and festivals form an essential part of the culture of Delhi. Delhi is one of the cities where a Hindu will celebrate Christmas with equal joy just as a non-Christian would enjoy Diwali or Durga Puja. This reflects the religious tolerance of the city. And this has kept the people of the city closely knit. Different types of festivals are celebrated in Delhi. These include Eid-Ul-Fitr, Lohri, Teej, Holi, Dussehra, and Rasksha Bandhan etc.

As far as fairs are concerned, fairs are held frequently in the city. Some of the fairs are absolutely traditional ones where you will find ethnic stuff up for display and sale.
Cuisine of Delhi

Delhi doesn’t have a cuisine of its own. Since people from all over the country have come and settled here, you will find all types of cuisine available in the capital city. However, north Indian food is common and most popular of all. But as we know that the culture of junk food is on the rise, this has essentially popularized the food outlets like MacDonalds, Pizza Hut, KFC, and Subways etc.

There are many restaurants that you will come across in Delhi. While some of these restaurants serve cuisine of all types (the multi cuisine restaurants), there are few others that specialize in one type of dish, i.e. Oriental, Chinese, South Indian, North Indian, and European etc.

Arts and Crafts of Delhi

The arts and crafts of Delhi show influences of the culture of Delhi. Since time immemorial arts and crafts of Delhi has gained popularity. This is reflected in the architectural brilliance of the several monuments and historical landmarks that you see when you travel to Delhi. Carvings, woodwork, sculptures, costumes, jewelry, paintings, images, murals, artifacts, and antique furniture are some of the exhibits that you will find in the various museums of Delhi and also on the historical monuments.

If you are planning a trip to Delhi, you can get a taste of all the states in one city. This is an interesting aspect of the city. You definitely cannot afford to miss out on the wonderful opportunity to experience such diversity in one city.