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MBA Institutions in Delhi

Delhi is on of the most preferred location by most students. It is not only the national capital but it is also an important educational hub. In fact some of the best institutes are located here and you can opt for the course of your choice. MBA is one of the most preferred careers and there are many MBA Institutions in Delhi. A brief overview regarding MBA and the different aspects about it is mentioned below.

About MBA

MBA or Master of Business Administration is one of the most preferred courses which can be studied by people of any background. Students from different background can enroll for this course and this course helps the students to have an idea regarding various aspects of business strategy. This course has been introduced to give the students an overall idea regarding accounting, human resource, marketing etc.

Types of MBA Programs

Most of MBA Institutions in Delhi offers different types of MBA programs. The two programs are more or less similar, with slight variations in the course material and the time required. Mentioned below are names of two such courses from which you can select the course of your choice:

Two Year MBA Program

The two year MBA program is the general MBA which is done by most of the people. In fact most of the MBA Institutions in Delhi offers this course. It is a two year full fledged course which consists of theory along with practical and summer internship. The summer internship helps the students to have an industry exposure which is very much essential.

Executive MBA Program

If you wish to continue your work along with your professional career, then you can opt for Executive MBA program. This course has been introduced keeping in mind about the working professionals, who can balance both their studies and professional life.

Accelerated MBA

As the name suggest, accelerated MBA is one such course, where there is more work pressure as the rime span is less. In many MBA institutions in Delhi, accelerated MBA is offered, which have more stringent examination schedule and course material.

Distant MBA

Some of the MBA Institutions in Delhi offers distant MBA, where you need not attend regular classes and you can sit for your exam at any of the recognized centers, at your convenience. These classes are generally held either on weekends or at any other convenient time. These distant learning programs are offered through various modes and the course materials can either be posted to you or if you want they can be mailed.

Part Time MBA

In Part Time MBA program, the classes are generally held on weekends. This course is best suited for all of them who are unable to attend classes on weekdays. Part time MBA is generally for three years and is mostly done by working professionals.

Admission Procedure

Most of the MBA institutions in Delhi accept CAT scores, along with MAT scores. So if you wish to pursue MBA, then you have to sit for the common entrance test or CAT. This is an all India entrance exam and it is an aptitude test, which tests your analytical skills. The written exam is followed by group discussion and personal interview.

Financial Assistance

If you enroll for MBA, financial assistance is available, as most of the colleges and institutes have tie up with various financial institutions. MBA institutions in Delhi too provide financial assistance to the students and there are different rates of interest from which you can select.

Top Ten MBA Institutions in Delhi

  • Vaish College of Engineering
  • School of Information Technology
  • Pydah College
  • University of Delhi
  • Indian Institute of Technology
  • Aakanksha Public College
  • Indian Institute of Telecom Management
  • S.I.T. Computer Educational Institute
  • Indian Institute of Foreign Trade
  • Indra Prastha Vishwa Vidyalaya