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Airport and Aviation Security India 2010

Date of the Event- September 13th 2010 to September 16th 2010

Venue-The Oberoi, Delhi, India


Organizer- IQPC, New Delhi

Airport and Aviation Security India 2010 is an event that is expected to bring industry stakeholders together. The main aim of the event is to evaluate the environment for security as well as design pro-active strategies so that the aviation and airport industry in the country is safeguarded.

Owing to the fact that India is strategically located and its economy is growing by leaps and bounds, the aviation sector is experiencing even more air traffic with every passing day. The increase in the number of air traffic can also be attributed to the fact that the airline operators and air connectivity has improved remarkable over the years. This has given rise to the passenger traffic volume.

In recent times, there were several instances when the aviation industry and the airports were subjected to terrorist attacks. This has increased the need to enhance the safety and security measures in the country, the aviation sector in particular.

The Airport and Aviation Security India 2010 is expected to work out ways to safeguard the aviation sector.

Target Audience

The event will be extremely beneficial for the professionals who are directly or indirectly associated with the aviation industry in the country. The target audience comprises –

  • General Manager

  • Chief Security Officers

  • Chief Executive Officers

  • Home Ministers

  • Officials belonging to the Defence Ministry

  • Minister of Aviation

  • Vice Presidents

  • Central Industrial Security Force

  • Anti-Terror Squad

  • DGCA

  • Officers from Air Force

  • Safety Officers etc

Topics to be discussed

The topics that will be discussed relate to the safety and security against aviation threats received by the country from different quarters. In this regard, strategies to combat the same will be worked upon and dealt with.

Airport and Aviation Security India 2010- Profile

The event will highlight some of the most important aspects related to the aviation industry. These include designing security measures that will help in hastening the passenger flow and improve customer service.

The latest security solutions for aviation industry and airports will also be highlighted at the event.

Enhancing communication among stakeholders in the industry so that there is better coordination in matters related to security. This is one area that the event will essentially focus on.

Working out methodologies to combat tough situation in exigency and planning for the same is also one of the topics that will be dealt with at the Airport and Aviation Security 2010.