Focus Delhi

Asia Strategy Forum

Date of the event- August 22nd 2010 to August 23rd 2010

Venue- TBA

Category- Economy and Business

Organizer- Institute for Strategy, Cambridge, United States

Asia is a big continent and makes up a significant bulk of the world economy. It boasts of having the 3 big economies within its periphery, namely, India, China, and Japan. Among the 3, India and China are economies that are rapidly developing. Asia is home to more than 60% of the population of the world.

However, there are innumerable challenges to which Asia is subjected to once in a while. In order to overcome the obstacles, hasten growth, and rise up to the needs of the time, the Asia Strategy Forum was introduced.

Although it is not an easy task to bring about growth and eradicate challenges every time smoothly, it calls for strategic planning. In this regard, the strategy forum plays an instrumental role.

Target Audience at Asia Strategy Forum

Asia Strategy Forum will be attended by different groups of people. They will include the following –

  • Strategy practitioners

  • Senior corporate executives

  • Policy makers

  • Researchers

  • Industry professionals

  • Government officials etc

Topics to be discussed at Asia Strategy Forum

Asia Strategy Forum conference will deal with topics that lay emphasis on strategic planning, guidance as well as practices that can make Asia a better and secure place to live in. This can be achieved in different ways and the same will be discussed at the conference that is scheduled to take place in Delhi, the capital city of the country.

Asia Strategy Forum – Profile

The event will highlight interesting and important issues related to the multinational companies in Asia, Small Medium Enterprises, governance, leadership, and practices in corporate strategy etc. The forum will see learned people from different walks of life converge at the event to discuss similar matters.

Business strategies in China, starting a business in China or any other place in Asia will also be covered at the Asia Strategy Forum. And when the question of SMEs and similar ideas are dealt with, how can we leave behind sustainability and energy production and usage.

The Asia Strategy Forum is expected to be an interactive session. There will be networking breaks, seminars, and workshops related to the event. Academic visits and debates are not ruled out either.

The event will be an informative session where people will get to know more about Asia and how this continent can be made a better place to live in.