Focus Delhi


  • Date of the event- 24th September to 26th

  • Venue- The Expo Center

  • Category- Construction

  • Organizer-e4win, New Delhi, India

Delhi is one of the most happening cities which have a lot to offer to its tourists and other people. Being the capital city it hosts different events and functions. Various types of event take place and BUILD-X-INDIA is one such event that will be held in the capital city.

Target Audience

BUILD-X-INDIA is one of the events which are organized in order to promote the construction company. It is one of the international trade events which are organized to promote international trade. The expected audiences who drop in at the event are:

  • Experts in construction business

  • Different engineering companies

  • Manufactures of various construction material

  • Builders

  • Importers

  • City Planners

  • Buyers


As BUILD-X-INDIA is one of the most important international trade fair which is organized for the purpose of promoting the construction trade in India, the topics which are likely to be discussed in the event are as follows:

  • Trends in Construction Business

  • New Brands

  • New Products

  • Market Trends

  • Other sectors in this event

  • Related Sectors

  • Launch of New Product

Visitors Profile in BUILD-X-INDIA

There are many visitors who drop in at the two day event. Apart from entrepreneurs, there are many other people also, who visits this event. Some of the visitors are mentioned below:

  • Construction Companies

  • City Planners

  • Engineering Companies

  • Manufacturer of Construction Material

  • Wholesalers

  • Quality Managers

  • Constructors

  • Different Public Administrative Companies

  • Importers

  • Technical Directors

BUILD-X-INDIA- Event Profile

There are different types of trade which are held in the capital city, but BUILD-X-INDIA is one such event which not only aims at promoting the Indian construction industry but it also aims at bringing in all the industry expert at on place, where people can share and exchange ideas regarding construction industry. In fact it is also a very good platform for all those, who are in look out of a place where they can exhibit their own products.

In fact this platform basically highlights and explores various brands and it is a brand awareness session in general. It also aims at bringing the buyers under one roof where people can come to know about construction techniques and about the industry at different parts of the country. It aims at improving the construction industry, with special focus at:

  • The recent trends

  • Various products

  • Trends in Construction Company

  • Different Products