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Cards & payments India 2010

Date of the Event- 23rd November- 25th November 2010

Venue- TBA

Category- Business and Economy

Organizer- Terrapinn Pvt Ltd, Singapore

Cards & Payments India 2010 is one of the financial events, held in the capital city of Delhi and is organized by the financial organizations. This event is done with the aim of letting people know about the various financial schemes, investments and provide information about various financial investments.

Target Audience

Being a financial event, Cards & Payments 2010 is a very good platform for all the people who are related to the financial industry. In fact it is the most desired and best platform all professional from the banking sector, finance sectors etc. Given below is a list of the audiences who are likely to drop in at the event:

  • People from banking and financial sector

  • People from broadcasting

  • Financial Institutions

  • Educational Institutions

  • Information Technology

  • Telecommunications

  • Travel and Tourism

  • Transport and Logistics

  • Retail

  • Security

Visitors Profile

Most of the visitors in cards & payments 2010 are those who are related to the banking sector and sectors related to allied fields. A list of visitors is given below:

  • Banking Regulators

  • People from Trade Associations

  • Merchants

  • Retailers

  • Card Manufacturers

  • Trade Associations

  • Banking Regulators

  • Retail Banks

  • Telecom Operators

Event Profile of Cards & Payments India 2010

Cards and payments India 2010 is one of the events which is basically aimed towards the cards & payments industries. This event provides the members of the various financial sectors, an opportunity to meet with banking professionals from all over the world, including Asia. It will also help them to know about the recent market trends and ways to improve it.

You can also come to know about the different cost effective methods of sales and ways of marketing of your financial products. In fact they can also provide you with solutions of regarding marketing products. This event will help to know the entire world regarding the recent news and improvements in the financial market.