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Delhi Fashion Week

Delhi Fashion Week manifests strong inclination to ideas from contemporary India, while keeping in mind the country’s rich cultural heritage of the past. It also incorporates in its designer collection, essence of arts and crafts of the yester years. This fashion event also draws inspiration from the best fashion practices that take place in the international arena.

Creativity is the mantra of success. The more creative and unique are your collections, better are the chances of unanimous approval from all. The collections displayed at the Delhi Fashion Week collections are unique and created by the talented fashion designers of the country. Fashion designers with their own creations flock to the event to display their talent.

Delhi Fashion Week is essentially an event where only the invited guests are allowed. It is not an open event that can be attended by all and sundry. This is an event that is held twice a year in the capital city of the country- New Delhi.

Format of Delhi Fashion Week

The event is based on the comments, suggestions, and the feedback received from the eminent fashion personalities in the fashion world. Not only that, it also includes well known people from other fields like media, film world, and international fashion agents etc. The people who play an important role in this event include the models, fashion editors, and stylists etc.

Importance of fashion accessories

Fashion is not all about clothes and apparels. It essentially includes accessories too. So, this fashion event also highlights on the different types of accessories that should be used. An interesting aspect of fashion designing is when a fashion designer creates his collection; he has to look into the appropriateness of accessories used. The accessories include –

  • Belt

  • Bags

  • Shoes

  • Shades

  • Hats

  • Hair color

  • Hair style

  • Hair trend

  • Color of the eyes

  • Headband

  • Lipstick

  • Nail shapes

  • Nail paint

  • Earrings

  • Jewelry etc

Delhi Fashion Week theme

Fashion designers usually select a theme for the fashion shows. And the same is true for all the fashion designers. The same theme is exhibited in the collection when the models walk the ramp in clothes designed by eminent fashion designers.

Ranging from themes based on patriotism to themes that are bold, a wide variety of themes can be seen in these fashion shows.

Given below are themes of two well known fashion designers of Delhi fashion Week. They are –

JJ Valaya

JJ Valaya is another well known fashion designer who participates regularly in such events. In one of his fashion shows, he selected a theme that revolved around a fictitious character from a story. The theme is love.

Ritu Beri

Ritu Beri is a prominent name in the world of fashion. She selects themes that are quite uncommon. For instance, in one of the Delhi Fashion Week shows, she chose to be more patriotic and her theme was a “tribute to Indian Army”.

The main aim of Delhi Fashion Week and the other fashion shows is mainly to highlight the collection of the fashion designers and their theme. In this regard, the accessory designers also play an important role. Aside from the fashion designers themselves, the accessory designers also get highlighted in Delhi Fashion Week and other fashion shows.