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Infrastructure Finance & Development Asia India Summit 2010

Delhi Events

Delhi the capital city of India is known for many events. Some of these events are annual and some happen on and off. These events vary from social, media, economical, entertainment and the like in their nature. One of the most important events that are scheduled this year is the Infrastructure Finance & Development Asia India Summit 2010. This is also known as the IFDA Summit 2010. It is known as one of the major economic and finance event of the year.

IFDA India Summit 2010

The event has its own objectives and goals that it spells out through the event. The event mostly focuses on fixing priorities and channeling goals and agenda’s for India’s second decade of infrastructure.

IFDA India Summit 2010 Venue

For this year the summit is scheduled to be held on 26-27th August 2010. The venue for the gathering is hotel Shangri-La's Eros, located in New Delhi.

IFDA India Summit 2010 Event

These functions have a special inauguration ceremony or gathering. This year the inauguration of IFDA India Summit 2010 would bring under one roof the international and domestic financiers. They all belong from the project finance, project equity and the private equity communities. Apart from these there are institutional brokers as well. The group also includes some of India’s senior government and regulatory officials, project developers and the like.

IFDA India Summit 2010 Highlights

The event promises to provide a platform for a thought-leadership summit, where crucial group participants would assemble upon the following aspects:-

  • Explore all the limitations of financing the various projects.

  • To arrive at a fine understanding of Government of India’s timeline and priorities.

  • To discover new and varied investment scopes and opportunity across the country. This is also spread across various sectors.

  • To contribute to the existing database of inputs.

  • To discover some of the best liquidity options in order to invest them on the Indian infrastructure. It could be based on both off and on shore.

  • The summit also showcases the knowledge and the development skills in a forum that is created of business peers.

IFDA India Summit Sponsors

An event of this stature often has sponsorships and voluntary donations. Sponsoring such an event makes you in getting the central highlight of the debate. This debate is generally based on India infrastructure and financial development. You are sure to gain from these summits if you increase your profile as well as setting up the domain for leadership. You will also be able to deliver the following:-

  • Access to financiers and developers.

  • Access to influential government decision-makers

  • Access to the international and domestic a financing community

IFDA India Summit therefore promises to be one of the notable events at Delhi.