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Disaster Management Response and Recovery India

Date of Event- August 25th 2010

Venue- Hotel Sheraton New Delhi

Category- Policy, Management, and Environment

Organizer – The National Disaster Management Authority, New Delhi

The Disaster Management Response and Recovery India is an event that can change the way disasters are treated in the country. These emergencies may arise from an accident, natural calamity or just about anything.

Whenever such calamities strike, there are innumerable people who lose their lives since help comes late. This event will help you to understand and acquaint yourself with the various ways that can save a calamity from striking. So, the essence is more on calamity prevention rather than treating the effects of a calamity.

The National Disaster Management Authority was set up to streamline the entire process of disaster management. The National Institute of Disaster Management together with the other disaster relief cells in the country is imparting training to personnel who can rush to the site in time of need.

Target Audience at Disaster Management Response and Recovery India

The target audience of the event includes the following group of people. Check them out–

Executives, Directors, Managers, and project managers and project directors who will be looking into matters related to the following –

  • Business continuity

  • Disaster management

  • Disaster reduction

  • Crisis prevention

  • Community engagement

  • Disaster recovery

  • Emergency response

  • Public safety

  • Compliance

  • Security

  • Infrastructure

  • Communication etc

Topics to be dealt

Issues related to the above mentioned topic will be dealt with at the Disaster Management Response and Recovery India. Some of the other topics that will be covered at the event include the role of stakeholders in disaster management, issues related to security surveillance, application of CCTV as a security measure, and managing challenges that are quite common etc.

Disaster Management Response and Recovery India- Profile

An interesting aspect that will be dealt with at the event will be the learning experience that people will draw by reviewing the history of disasters in the country and how they were addressed in the yesteryears.

The new strategies that need to be worked out in improving the disaster management techniques is also an area that will be discussed at the event.

The event will provide ample opportunity to the researchers as well as the practitioners who have been working on this particular issue for a long time. In fact they can share their findings and suggest possible measures to enhance the security in every place possible. Dealing with hazards as well as vulnerabilities is also another issue that will be addressed at the event.