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Future CCTV India 2010

About Future CCTV India 2010

A developing nation, the Indian economy is growing at a swift pace and there has been increased urbanization and industrialization in the recent years. The look to east phenomenon has given a fillip to the resurgent Indian economy. With this boon of growth and economic liberalization come the evils of the urban jungle in the form of amplified criminal activities at the societal level. The increase in anti-social elements and activities, especially with the spate of terrorist attacks, has propelled the need for safety and security at all levels. The Future CCTV India 2010 is thus an important event in Delhi.

Future CCTV India 2010 Venue

The Future CCTV India Conference, 2010 will be held in New Delhi on August 25, 2010 from 8.30 am to 5 pm at the Sheraton New Delhi Hotel, District Centre, Saket, New Delhi. The conference will be attended by many dignitaries and various security personnel including the chief security officer.

Future CCTV India 2010 Event

Future CCTV India 2010 will focus on offering a broad perspective on the factors which boost the demand for CCTV surveillance systems in India.  The conference will also deal with the steps which are being taken up by the Indian government to counter the security threats. Additionally, the event will also focus on the demand for CCTV in various segments, the importance of security and the key markets which need to be targeted. The event will also focus on the future CCTV markets, certain pivotal geographical locations which are likely to see a surge in demand for surveillance systems in the future.

Future CCTV India 2010 Agenda

CCTV India 2010 addresses the need for surveillance systems in the Indian context. The event also familiarizes one with and assesses the major players in the Indian CCTV market. The event will also shed light on the assortment of CCTV applications available. The latest technologies like facial recognition which makes them more efficient and effective.  How these surveillance systems help establish a secure surrounding. The ways in which this technology can be effectively integrated with other security systems and measures to aid in speedy and accurate detection.

Future CCTV India 2010 Features

The CCTV industry has seen a steady growth over the years. Events like the Common Wealth Games and other high profile proceedings have propelled the growth and demand for CCTV in India. According to analysts, the Indian CCTV market is expected to grow at a whopping 34% compounded annual growth rate in 2010 itself.


The global or macro scenario is a reflection of what is happening at the microcosmic level.  The terror attacks especially have increased the need for vigilance and safety. Surveys and analysis indicate that the government and public sectors have the maximum demand for CCTV. They are followed by the industrial and commercial sectors. However, estimations show that in the near future the residential sector end-users will likely surpass other sectors in their demand for electronic security or surveillance systems.

Future CCTV India 2010 Plans

CCTV India 2010 aims at creating familiarity with the existing security technologies, as well as introducing the future of security concepts. It will focus on the importance and the need for heightened security which is effectively aided by the expanding technology and security gadgets at our disposal.