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Health Tourism India Congress 2010

Health Tourism in India Congress Event

Health Tourism in India Congress 2010 is one of the major events in India that focuses on health tourism industry. The event is organized in order to provide better insights on health tourism innovations. It also focuses on the challenges around the world. Esteemed speakers from India and abroad will address the conference. You will also find several national and international hospitals / healthcare professionals, service providers, delegates, facilitators other industry people to be a part of the gathering.

There is a lot of exchange of thoughts and knowledge sharing that takes place during this event. With an aim to offer the best scopes for health tourism, the event this year Health Tourism in India Congress 2010 will cover various topics of interest. It would create a platform where the industry players can explore greater business opportunities through effective networking.

Organiser for Health Tourism in India Congress 2010

The event is organized by a corporate house named Prime India Biz Services Private Limited, located in New Delhi.

Profile of Visitors HTIC 2010

The visitors who would be attending the Health Tourism India Congress 2010 are listed below:-

  • Service Providers

  • Exporters

  • Medical Professionals

  • Medical Representatives

  • Health Professionals

  • Facilitators

HTIC Event Profile

The event was slated to take place on 24th April 2010 in New Delhi. The venue for the conference was Hyatt Regency. The event would usher the final list of decision makers for the health authorities. It will also select the key players for the Health Tourism Industry. The main feature of this event was the award ceremony which has the national and international panel of judges.

The Health Tourism in India Congress 2010 focused mostly on the various areas for the development of the Indian tourism and health industry.

Health Tourism in India

The concept of health tourism is now popular in India. This is a concept where an individual patient travels to another country or region for any medical treatment. This is done in order to save money and even get access to faster treatment. Sometime it is done for better medical facilities. Majority of the patients from UK and USA are now traveling to India for medical treatment. The reasons for traveling to India are thus listed below:-

  • India offers reasonable and cheap rates in medical treatment.

  • India offers a good holiday package whilst on the treatment.

  • In India on most cases there are no waiting lists that the patient has to undergo.

  • The difference of language in India is a never a challenge or obstacle that comes in the way of the treatment.

  • Doctors in India who are assigned for the treatment are able and experienced. They can be compared to any other doctor globally.

  • India at the present moment is also working towards developing better medical infrastructure. The present state of the infrastructure is good enough to support treatments and surgeries as well.

Health Tourism in India Congress 2010 creates a platform where the success and scopes of medical tourism in India is highlighted.