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Indesec Expo 2010

About Indesec Expo 2010

INDESEC Expo 2010 is one of the prominent events that happen in Delhi annually. This is said to be India’s only and conference and exhibition which is dedicated to the homeland security. It is considered to be one of the prestigious events of the year.

Indesec Expo 2010

The expo this year is scheduled to be held from 6th to 8th September 2010. The venue for the same is Pragati Maidan, New India.

Indesec Expo 2010 Event

The event is expected this year to rope in huge participation both from the Indian and the international areas. You will also see media and Government participation in the event as well. This conference and exhibition is organized by Informa India. It is also in support if the Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India.

The event had seen immense success last year too. It was the success of 2009 that propelled for the Indesec Expo 2010. The event gives due importance to its agenda. Indesec Expo 2010 focuses on the need for the Government of India to obtain the most innovative and new-age solutions. These solutions would be towards the national and homeland security requirements.

Indesec Expo 2010 Exhibitor’s profile

The Indesec Expo 2010 has a huge group of exhibitors with it. Some of the exhibitor’s profiles are listed below. They are as follows:-

  • Maritime and Coastal Security

  • Disaster Management

  • Simulation and Training

  • Border Security

  • Helicopters

  • Surveillance and Target Acquisition

  • Transport Security

  • Airport Security

  • Critical Infrastructure Security

  • Personal Protection Clothing & Equipment

  • Chemical,

  • Counter-terrorism,

  • Biological

  • Radiation and Nuclear (CBRN)

Indesec Expo 2010 Visitors

Such an event of a grand scale needs to have some senior and important visitor at the event. This time it is going to be some of the ministers and influential decision makers who are associated with the Ministry of Home Affairs. Other bodies or departments would include the following list:-

  • Senior police representatives

  • Central police and paramilitary organizations

  • Individual state ministers

  • Coastguard

  • Intelligence services

  • Ministry of Defense

Importance of Indesec Expo

There are a set of reasons why such an event in the nation. Some of the reasons are explained below:-

  • It is needed for the state budget and the ministries. Apart from the ministry representation the Expo would also have important decision makers who belong to the state police forces and others. All the different categories would have their own budget. For instance a disaster relief forces would have a separate budget than the anti-terrorist forces.

  • Another importance of the expo is to take into consideration that industry and the government requirements. This expo is going to feature some of the urgent requirements for transport, border, and critical infrastructure maritime, disaster management solutions needed by the government.

  • Another important aspect of the conference and event is the appointment scheduling. There will be some of the best VVIP guests attending the event. This is a golden chance for the exhibitors to have their appointments scheduled.

Thus we see that the Indesec Expo 2010 is all set to attain its success for this year. This is a crucial event keeping in mind homeland security solutions.