Focus Delhi

Indian Coal Markets Conference 2010

Date of the event- August 31st 2010 to September 1st 2010

Venue – Hotel Hyatt Regency

Category – Energy and Power

Organizer- IHS Mc Closkey and mjunction, New Delhi

Delhi, the capital city of India is an important venue for the different events. The events that take place are of different types. The Indian Coal Markets Conference 2010 is one such event that will be held in the city.

Target audience

This is the 4th year that the event is taking place. The expected target audiences who will be attending the venue for the event include the following –

  • CEOs or Chief Executive Officer

  • Analysts

  • Directors

  • Vice Presidents

  • Technical Advisors etc

Topics to be discussed

At the 4th Indian Coal Markets Conference 2010, the discussion that will take place will revolve around several important topics. The topics are mentioned below –

  • Gasification

  • Coal

  • Refinery Industrial Gas

  • Liquefaction

  • Chemicals

  • Power and Utilities

  • Olefins

  • Engineering Companies

  • Gas Separation

  • Lubricant Companies

  • Catalysts

  • Engineering Companies

  • Methano

  • Providers of Equipment and Technologies etc

Indian Coal Markets Conference 2010 - Profile

This is one of the events that attract the biggest crowd in the coal industry. Mjunction and IHS McCloskey will be hosting the event. The analysts, research associates, and sales and marketing managers etc will be benefited immensely by the discussion that will be held at the event. Issues related to the factors that affect the coal industry in India will be dealt with.

The main aim of the event will be to focus on the ways that will better the logistical approach of the Indian government as well as the private sector pertaining to procurement of coal. The Indian Coal Markets Conference 2010 will also focus on the improvement of port and transportation facilities in the country.

Some of the topics that will be dealt on include the following –

  • Growth of power production in India

  • Growth in demand for metallurgical coal in India

  • US and Columbia-Long term coal supply partnerships

  • Growth and challenges faced by export sector of Africa

  • Thermal Coal Outlook- 2010-2011

  • Sourcing of India’s future coal imports

  • Challenges faced by the mining block owners in India etc