Focus Delhi


Date of the Event- 30th October – 31st October

Category- Health & Medicine, Science & Technology

Organizer- Indian Society of Hospital Waste Management (ISHWM), New Delhi, India

Delhi being the national capital is one of the famous tourist attractions. Apart from that the city hosts various events and programs. There are different types of events, which includes fashion, photography, painting etc. ISHWM CON 2010 is one such event which is based on waste management related to hospital.

Target Audience

ISHWM CON 2010 is one such event which is aimed at waste management programs at hospital. It will deal with various issues which are related to bio medical waste and the various ways how you can handle such waste products without much harm to the society at large. The expected audience who will most likely drop in at this event is mentioned below:

  • Doctors

  • Hospital Staff

  • Planning and Development Staff

  • Officials from Health Care Management

  • Officials from Waste Management

  • Patients

Topics at ISHWM CON 2010

The issues which are likely to be discussed at ISHWM CON 2010 will be related to mostly to waste management and various ways of medical waste disposal. It will also deal with the various ill effects of the wastes, if they are not disposed properly. Medical wastes are not bio degradable and if they are not properly disposed, they can harm the society at large. This program will give the audience an overall idea about clinical and health care program in the metro cities and also in rural areas.

Visitors Profile at ISHWM CON 2010

This two day event mainly deals with bio medical waste disposal programs. ISHWM CON 2010 is actually platform which enables people from different spheres exchange ideas, views and effects of improper disposal of bio medical wastes. The participants as well as the organizers share their ideas regarding waste disposal. People who can most likely drop in at this meet are mentioned below:

  • Academic Scientists

  • Biotechnologists

  • Scientists

  • People from Life Science Industry

  • Biologists

  • Industry Researchers

  • Consultants

Event Profile -ISHWM CON 2010

There are various types of events which are held round the year in the capital city. They are either for entertainment purpose or for promotional purpose. But there are very few events which are organized which serves both to general people and to the society at large.

ISHWM CON 2010 is based on a particular theme which is known as “Safe Effective Biomedical Waste Management”. Apart from discussing the various aspects of waste management, it also deals with the safety issues related to the health workers who are dealing with the waste product along with the patients. This meet helps to know a lot regarding bio medical waste management program, which otherwise is not much talked about