Focus Delhi

Medifest 2010

Date of Event- 10th December- 12th December 2010

Venue- Pragati Maidan

Category- Health & Fitness, Medical Equipment, Pharmaceuticals

Organizer- Vantage Trade Fairs Limited

Various fairs and events are held in the capital city of Delhi. Apart from business and educational events, there are various fairs and events which are based on health care, promotion of products, etc. Medifest 2010 is one such fair which is solely dedicated to medical and health care industry.

Target Audience

As Medifest 2010 is a fair which is based on medical industry, the targeted audiences are related to this field which includes health care professionals, medical institutes, hospitals etc. People from various other pharmaceuticals industry also drops in at this fair to share and exchange views and ideas regarding the overall health care industry. Mentioned below are the names of few such visitors:

  • Health Organizations

  • Hospitals

  • Pharmaceutical Houses

  • International Hospitals

  • Public Health Services

  • Research and Development Organizations

  • Various Medical Institutes

  • National and State Hospitals

  • Importers

  • Retailers

  • Officials from Health Department

Exhibitors Profile

There are various organizations who participate at Medifest 2010. Professionals from different health care industries, both from the domestic and from international health organizations, exhibit their products at the fair. Most of the products which are displayed in the fair are related to the health care industry. Names of some of them are given below:

  • Medical technology

  • Healthcare Informatics

  • Medical Consumables

  • Pharmaceutical Manufacturers

  • Disposables

  • Medical Process Equipment

  • Optical Equipment

  • Diagnostic Kits

  • Laboratory Equipments

  • Nutritional Products

  • Dental Products

  • Nursing Care Products

  • Bio- Tech Products

  • Natural Products

  • Medical Publication and Services

  • Clothes

  • Linen Items

  • Products related to personal hygiene

  • Electro medical Equipments

  • Diagnostics Items

  • Mother Care Products

Event Profile in Medifest 2010

Medifest 2010 is one of the important fairs which are solely dedicated to the health care industry. This fair provides an excellent opportunity to the visitors to know about the health care industry and various other developments in this industry. People also become aware of the challenges which one needs to face being a part of this industry. Exhibitor exhibit different products which are related to the medical field and they also make the visitors aware of the latest technological development in the medical health industry.