Focus Delhi

National Bioethics Conference 2010

Date of the Event- 17th November – 20th November 2010

Venue- All India Institute of Medical Sciences

Category- Health and Medicine

Organizer- Indian Journal of Medical Ethics, Mumbai, India

Delhi is one such city where you will find the old is very well juxtaposed with the new. On one hand you can see various ancient buildings and monuments and on the other hand you can see different shopping malls, theatres etc. Among various types of events which are held in the capital city, National Bioethics 2010 is one such event which is organized by AIIMS or All India Institute of Medical Sciences.

Target Audience

National Bioethics Conference 2010 is one of the important events, which is held with an aim of building a proper health system. It is also aimed at initiating ways and methods of building a health system which will help the practitioners, policy makers, administrators etc. This conference is a platform for all the people who are related to the field of medical practice, to share views and ideas regarding health care. It also aims at proper governance in the health care industry.

Topics in National Bioethics Conference 2010

As this is a conference which is aimed towards medical health, the topics which will be discussed are most likely related to health care ethics and various concepts related to Bioethics. Mentioned below are few such topics:

  • Universal Health Care

  • Stem Cell Research

  • Clinical Research

  • Organ Transplantation

  • Medical Tourism

  • Community Participation

  • Publication Ethics

  • Health Care Reforms

  • Ethics Committees

  • Regulation of Health Care

Visitors Profile in National Bioethics Conference 2010

The visitors who are most likely to drop in at the event are mentioned below:

  • Medical Practitioners

  • Policy Makers

  • Administrators

  • Scientists

  • Healthcare Professionals

  • Researchers

  • Activists

  • Healthcare Institutes

National Bioethics Conference 2010-Event Profile

As the theme of the conference is “ Governance of Health Care-ethics, equity and justice”, it aims at bringing in different health care professionals who can provide valuable inputs regarding health care, its governance and various other aspects. It also aims at research and it also depends on the various results of the projects which help in building future concepts like clinical research, health care etc.