Focus Delhi

PackPlus 2010

Date of Event- 3rd December- 6th December 2010

Venue- Pragati Maidan

Category- Packaging

Organizer- Print Packaging. Com Private Limited

PackPlus 2010 is the most important and recognized event which is held in the Delhi. It is held in Pragati Maidan, where different types of fairs and events are held. This event is known for as one of the events solely dedicated to the packaging industry, the various processes of the industry and supply chain management.

Target Audience

PackPlus 2010 is a platform for all those who are related to the packaging industry. This event serves as a good platform to suppliers, buyers and users who are related to the packaging industry. In fact, it is best suited for suppliers of packaging machines, material, finished products etc. It is also helpful to the users of the packaging industries, who are related to this industry. So the list of visitors who might drop in at the event is given below:

  • People from the Packaging and Development Industry

  • Converters

  • Packaging Manufacturers

  • Package Designers

  • Package Consultants

  • Material Providers

  • Professionals related to Packaging Industry

  • Machinery Providers

Exhibitors Profile

The visitors are not only benefited in this event, but there are various other exhibitors also, for whom this is a very good platform to exhibit their products and goods. There are exhibitors from different areas, some of which are mentioned below:

  • Packaging Machines and Equipments

  • Foiling Capsules

  • Printing Machines

  • Foiling

  • Feeding and Labeling Machines

  • Capsuling

  • Packaging materials

  • Closing and sealing Materials

  • Materials for production and processing of food

  • Factory and Processes

  • Weighing

  • End of Line Packaging Solutions

  • Coating Machines

  • Accessories and Finished Products

  • Bar Codes

  • Industrial Sewing Machines

Products on Display

The different types of products which are displayed by different enterprises at PackPlus 2010 are given below:

  • Coding and on-line printing machines

  • Technology

  • Foiling

  • Materials

  • Equipments

  • Solution for production

Event Profile of PackPlus 2010

PackPlus 2010 is mainly organized for presenting various aspects of packaging, which includes both household packaging and industrial packaging. This event helps you to know about the various aspects of packaging and different other aspects which are related to packaging, processing and supply chain.

It also serves as a good platform where the suppliers of packaging machines, materials, finished products, as well as for packagers from various other industries and other segments. This fair is not only an event of large packaging industry, but also of the prospective buyers, which provides them an idea of the entire packaging industry, including the future prospect of the packaging industry.