Focus Delhi

WDP/India 2010

Date of Event – September 24th 2010 to September 26th 2010

Venue –India Expo Center


Organizer –Primus, New Delhi

WDP/India 2010 is an international trade fair that will be held in the capital city of India. The fair will focus on different aspects of doors, windows, and profiles etc. This is a trade fair that will immensely benefit the designers, interior and exterior decorators, engineers, import and export companies etc.

Target Audience of WDP/India 2010

The target audience comprises people belonging to different fields of work. The visitors include the following category of people. They are –

  • Professionals engaged in construction industry

  • Architects

  • Interior and exterior decorators

  • Decorators

  • Designers

  • Manufacturers

  • Technical engineers

  • Managers

  • Exporters

  • Contractors

  • Retailers

  • Agents

  • Real estate developers etc

Topics to be discussed at WDP/India 2010

WDP/India 2010 will showcase of the essential equipments that are in someway related to windows, profiles, and doors etc. It is expected that the following exhibits will be present at the WDP/India 2010. Check them out –

  • Equipments needed in the manufacture of doors and windows

  • Instruments, materials, and equipments for construction montage

  • Barriers, garage, and industrial gates

  • Packing and cutting glass

  • Industry specific media

  • Solar water heaters

  • Modules and solar chargers

  • Home equipments

  • Capacitors and solar pumps

  • Repair and protection of facades

  • Façade technology

  • Access controlling systems

  • Winter gardens

  • Wooden doors and windows

  • Software for production of translucent constructions and windows etc.

WDP/India 2010- Profile

The trade fair is an event where the exhibitors will be able to display their services and products. The fact that the event will have large number of visitors also increases the chances of the products of different exhibitors getting sold. The WDP/India 2010 will give full-fledged publicity to the exhibitors, increase leads, and develop awareness among the customers about different exhibits present at the fair.

A visit to this International Trade Fair will enable you to have a better understanding of the types of products and you will get to see samples of the same. Not only that, the products that have been recently launched and how they should be used is also a valuable piece of information that you can get.

The WDP/India 2010 is also the ideal place where you can increase your business contacts and get to know more about the products