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ZAK Hollow Glass Expo 2010

Date of the event- 3rd December- 5th December 2010.

Venue- Pragmatics Maidan

Category- Glass & Glassware

Organizer- Zak Trade Fairs & Exhibitions Pvt Ltd, New Delhi.

Delhi organizes many fares and expos. These fairs also include educational fair, handicrafts fair, lexpos etc. ZAK Hollow Glass Expo 2010 is one such fair on hollow glass and various other aspects which are related to hollow glass industry.

Target Audience of ZAK Hollow Glass Expo 2010

ZAK Hollow Glass Expo 2010 is one of the most significant and important trade fair which is related to the industry of hollow glass. The concept of hollow glass was previously unknown, so this fair is a very well platform to know about the hollow glass industry and the various concepts which are related to it. The visitors who can mostly likely drop in at the event are:

  • Leading Manufacturers

  • Machinery Suppliers

  • Service Providers

  • Technology Suppliers

  • People related to the business of hollow glass industry

Topics at ZAK Hollow Glass Expo 2010

As ZAK Hollow Glass Expo 2010 is one of the events related to hollow glass industry, it is one of the important platform where you can share and exchange ideas, views, techniques and various other technologies regarding the hollow glass industry. The topics which are likely to be discussed are given below:

  • About ZAK Hollow Glass

  • Techniques about Hollow Glass Industry

  • Technological Advances

  • Future Prospect of Hollow Glass industry

  • About various products

  • Future Business Prospect

Visitors Profile in ZAK Hollow Glass Expo 2010

There are people from different spheres who drop in ZAK Hollow Glass Expo 2010 apart from entrepreneurs and people from various other spheres who are interested in hollow glass. Mentioned below are the lists of visitors:

  • Pharmaceuticals

  • Clinical Labs

  • Hotels and Restaurants

  • Food Processing Industries

  • Herbal Products

  • Bank and Financial Institutions

  • Government Organizations

  • Perfume and Cosmetic Manufacturers

Exhibitors Profile

There are many people who take part in ZAK Hollow CON 2010. Apart from manufacturers and suppliers of hollow glass, other people who are expected to drop in and exhibit it are mention below:

  • Household Glassware

  • Hotel Supplies

  • Clinical Glassware

  • Specialty Lab Needs

  • Related Product Suppliers

  • Research Organization

ZAK Hollow Glass Expo 2010- Event Profile

The event aims at production, development and analyzing various aspects which are related to hollow glass. In fact this expo aims at exhibition, development and various other techniques and technologies which can be useful for hollow glass. It also aims at developing the business of hollow glass industry and brings out new ideas regarding the product. Various leaders and professional from different spheres shares their views and experiences regarding hollow glass. ZAK Hollow Glass Expo 2010 is one of the most preferred platforms for all those who wish to know and explore about hollow glass.