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ZAK Stainless Steel Expo 2010

Date- 3rd December- 5th December 2010

Venue- Pragati Maidan

Category- Metal & Minerals

Organizer- ZAK Trade Fairs and Exhibitions Pvt Ltd, New Delhi

Among various expos which are held every year at Delhi, some are for industrial purpose, which aims at the development and growth of the various industries. ZAK Stainless Steel Expo 2010 is one of the expos which aim at promoting the steel industry.

Target Audience

ZAK Stainless Steel Expo 2010 is one of the industrial expos which is held in Delhi. This expo is best suited for all those who wish to know about the latest trend in the steel industry. It is also best suited for them who wish to build up new business associate and establish new contacts. People who can drop in at this expo are mentioned below:

  • International Steel Producers

  • Investors in Steel Industry

  • People from related industry

Topics at ZAK Stainless Expo 2010

ZAK Stainless Expo is one of the events which are held particularly for steel industry. It aims at overall development of the steel industry, by exchange of ideas and opinions from experts from various quarters. There are various others experts from the steel industry both national and international steel industries, and this platform provides opportunities for all those who wishes to know about the market conditions. This information is helpful to those who wish to establish a steel business. The topics which are discussed in this expo are:

  • About Steel Industry

  • Future Prospect of Steel Industry

  • Steel Industry beyond India

  • About budding steel entrepreneurs

Visitors in ZAK Stainless Steel Expo 2010

As this expo is regarding promoting steel business in the capital city and world wide, it is visited by people mainly from the steel industry and various other industries. Mentioned below are few such people who drop in at ZAK Stainless Steel Expo 2010:

  • Senior Managers

  • Heads of Production Plants

  • Manufactures

  • Suppliers

  • R & D Professionals

  • Representatives from local authorities

  • Project Developers

  • Future Entrepreneurs

  • Utility and Operations Manager

  • Auditors

Exhibitors at ZAK Stainless Steel Expo 2010

There are various exhibitors from different places and from various industries. Even though it mostly consists of people from the steel industry, there are people from various allied and related industry also. Mentioned below are names of few such visitors:

  • Equipments for processing prime and raw materials

  • Stainless Steel Tube Manufacturing Industry

  • Pipeline Cleaning Equipment

  • Professional Magazine

ZAK Stainless Steel Expo 2010- Event Profile

ZAK Stainless Steel Expo 2010 is a platform for all those who are in search of opportunities for international producers of steel. This expo is also used to collaborate among various producers of steel from different parts of the country and also to exchange ideas and views regarding the business. It is also used as a place to exchange ideas about various technologies that will be useful in this business.