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Delhi Election Commission

The Delhi Election was constituted in India under the article 243K and 243ZA. The election commission was established in order to ensure that the elections are held in time and they are held in free, fair and in an impartial manner. The Delhi election commission is also responsible for holding the elections of other local bodies, which includes the municipal elections and also the panchayat elections.

Functions of Election Commission

The Election commission has autonomy in certain spheres and it can execute rules to the people. They also are a quasi judiciary body, who enjoys autonomy in various spheres. The Delhi election commission is not only responsible for planning the election and ensuring proper functioning of the entire election mechanism, they also have certain functions. Mentioned below are some of the functions of the election commission:

  • Conduct Elections
  • Preparing Electoral Rolls
  • Scrutiny of nomination papers
  • Demarcation of constituencies
  • Recognition of the political parties and allotment of symbols
  • Scrutiny of election expenses of the candidates

Officers in Delhi Election Commission

In order to prepare the electoral rolls and in order to see that the elections are properly conducted in various parts of Delhi, certain officers are appointed who haves a look at the entire process. Mentioned below are few such names:

  • Secretary of the commission
  • Electoral Registration Officers
  • Assistant returning Officers
  • Election Observers
  • Presiding Officer
  • Sector Officers
  • Security Personnals

Secretary of the Commission

The secretary in Delhi Election Commission is the one of the senior officers who looks into the various functions of the state election commission. This person is specially appointed by the commission, who is responsible for conducting the election in a free and fair manner.

Even though elections are regular affair, it needs proper supervision and planning. Delhi Election Commission along with members from various other departments looks after the entire election process.