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Property Tax in Delhi

Delhi Property Tax system

Systems related to Property Tax in Delhi have undergone some changes. These changes have been brought in by the Municipal Corporation Delhi (MCD). Delhi has the highest ratio of job that caters to all levels in society. This is one of the reasons why people shift to Delhi. Hence, without a proper direction, collection of property tax in Delhi would be difficult to manage. This is why the local taxing bodies are bringing about changes in the tax collecting systems.

Trends in Delhi Property Tax

The total number of tax payers in Delhi has gone up to approximately 75,000 and more. In order to make the process simple the MCD has created a Property Tax Information System. There is an online way of filling up your property tax returns form. You need to calculate your property tax amount of the present year for this. You can also make the payment online. You can download the Delhi property tax forms from the website. You can download the same, fill in and submit it too.

Municipal Corporation Delhi

The property tax in Delhi is an important source if income for the MCD. This has been moved to the Unit Area System of the property tax assessment. This is done by fixing an amount for per unit area of a covered space. The unit used here is square meters.

Advantage of online Property Tax

Online property tax systems were really a useful way out. You can get all information on property tax and the due dates. The tax is applicable for both personal and real properties in Delhi. Exceptions are however there. Few lands have been freed from paying the taxes by the MCD.

Delhi Property Tax Rules

According to the tax systems some of the lands need not pay the tax. These lands are mostly used for agricultural purposes. They can be any empty land in a village also. Other lands that fall in this category are the lands that are used for public workshops, burial grounds, and charity. If it’s a heritage land or building then also it is freed from taxes.

The Delhi property tax system will get a boost in the coming days. This is because the MCD’s effort is trying to make “Lok Adalats” settle all the disputes. These are all the property tax dispute cases that are pending in the court. This would also urge people to clear their dues in time.

Delhi Property Tax future Trends

The property tax rates in Delhi would be revised soon. This is because of the less tax collections. Several companies are developing interest in this field with the mandatory rules to paying the tax. There are several tax consultants who have shifted to Delhi recently. You can expect all sorts of professional help from them. You can depend on them for any kind of information of Delhi Property Tax.

These would be some of the changing trends pertaining to property tax in Delhi.