History of Delhi

Delhi Historical Past
Delhi is a city that is steeped in history. The city has seen the fall and rise of empires. The historical monuments in Delhi include some of the best citadels and forts which reveal its glorious past. The ruins of the monuments and historical palaces reflect the rich heritage and culture that is even present till date in Delhi. To go back to ancient texts, Delhi history starts with the inception of Indraprastha by the Pandavas. Let us have a brief overview on the history of Delhi.

Early History of Delhi
History of Delhi includes the story of various monarchs and emperors who established several forts and monuments in various places. To name some of the eminent ones are Indraprastha, Delhi Sher Shahi, Tuhglakabad, Ferozabadh, Quila Rai Pithora, Dinpanah and Shahjahanabad. These cities previously known by the name “Delhi” no matter the different their individual names might have been.

Delhi in the past has always been known for its power and imperial ambiance. The lineage still continues. It was said that there was at least eight cities in and around what is known as modern Delhi.

Historical Monuments in Delhi
Delhi has been the place of the rajas and the maharajas and their rule. As a result the history of Delhi is marked by several historical monuments and forts. They speak of a grand past and archeological excellence. Some of the eminent ones are described below:-

Monuments like Purana Quila and Jama Masjid are witness to Delhi’s revival phases of anarchy. They bring alive the past grandeur of the city. It is amidst the serenity of the Purana Quila that you will find the history of the city come alive.It is after the establishment of the Red Fort by Shah Jahan, that the administration had taken a shift to the attractive palaces of fort. When you visit the place today, only a limited space has been given for public access. Greater part of the fort has been owned up by the army people. Even then the area that is given for public tourism is enough to learn about the culture of Delhi. These forts and citadels also remind us of the various rulers in Delhi that have been known for their authority and strength of character. Delhi also witnessed several catastrophes in the past days. We all have heard about Nadir Shah who had once given orders to his troop to plunder Delhi. Similar are the stories of Taimur Lane and Abdali who have also tried to demolish the capital city of India.

Historical Facts about Delhi
Talking of old monuments, it is important to mention the Old fort in Delhi. It was said to be the prime focus at the time of the first war for independence in 1857. The revolt did not reach its success, but Delhi became more visible to the British in this process. The main aim of the Azad Hind Fauz at the time of the freedom struggle was to establish Swaraj.

The history of Delhi involves other important key facts than this. They all highlight various aspects about the city.