Hotels in Delhi

Tourism in India is at an ever rising high owing to the international fame India has gained over a last decade due to Bollywood, cricket and its famous history and culture. Delhi being the capital city receives maximum number of tourists because of the many tourist attractions the city is home to. To manage these tourists, various hotels have been established in Delhi under the different categories like Budget hotels, Mid-range hotels and Top-end hotels. All these hotels cater to the demand of different types of tourists and their tariffs vary accordingly.

The different types of hotels in Delhi are:

Budget Hotels

As the name suggests these hotels are very budget friendly. These hotels are comfortable if not luxurious. Budget hotels are generally known to provide a homely kind of experience. The standard tariff of these hotels ranges between 250-1000 Indian Rupees per day. Some popular budget hotels in Delhi are Ajanta hotel, Hotel Shelton Deluxe, Hotel Park View etc.

Mid-Range Hotels

These hotels lie somewhere between the low priced Budget hotels and the high priced Luxury hotels. These hotels are an ideal place for guests looking for comfort and luxury in an economic budget. The standard tariff ranges between 1000-2500 Indian Rupees per day. Some popular Mid-Range hotels in Delhi are the Amber, Emblem Hotel, and Hotel Broadway etc.

Luxury Hotels

Comfortable, Classy, luxurious; these hotels are the perfect destination for elite sections of tourists ready to spend a big money. These hotels are known to offer world class facilities like inbuilt gymnasiums, pools, spa’s, discos and much more to guests. The standard tariff of these hotels is more than 5000 Indian Rupees a day.