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Park Royal InterContinental Hotel

Delhi certainly has some of the best hotels. You can experience a good stay along with great facilities to make your accommodation experience in Delhi a memorable one. Park Royal InterContinental Hotel in Delhi is a great hotel, which is sure to surprise you with its services and beauty.

Park Royal InterContinental is not a hotel that will disappoint you. The hotel is an ivory colored building, made up of concrete and white marbles.

Location of Park Royal InterContinental Hotel:

The Park Royal InterContinental Hotel rests gloriously in the South Delhi colony. This area of South Delhi is a classy area and the hotel seems to be perfectly placed amidst its exotic surroundings. The Park InterContinental Hotel also has the business centre of Nehru Place in its neighborhood.

Facilities of Park Royal InterContinental Hotel:

The Hotel Park Royal InterContinental is a great place to live in. You can book a room before entering, so as to get the choice of rooms as per its availability. Incase you have not booked the room from before, you need not worry much. The Park Royal InterContinental has 444 lavish rooms with stylish furnishings and other amenities.

Apart from the availability of great number of rooms, the hotel has several more things to offer you. Some of which include, Health Clubs, Swimming Pools, Multi-cuisine restaurants, flashy discotheques, caf├ęs, mesmerizing crystal themed ballroom and so on.

Special facilities at the Park Royal InterContinental Hotel:

The hotel is exactly what a perfect hotel for your holiday should be. It is one of the best restaurants which offer several kinds of cuisines. The 24 hours room service is an added advantage, as you can be pampered with the hotel facilities whenever you want to. There is a massage parlor which can give you some soothing time and relieve you of all physical pains. You are sure to love this little pampering at the Park Royal InterContinental Hotel.

Room features:

The Park InterContinental Hotel showers you with options, when it comes to choosing a great room for your stay. Some of the types of Park Royal InterContinental Hotel special rooms are:

  • Club InterContinental Floor
  • Luxury Suites
  • Standard Rooms

Choose the kind of room you like and experience the best of all facilities which come with these rooms.

Dining Delights at the Park Royal InterContinental Hotel:

Dining is a special part of our day. So, why not make this dining experience a memorable one, by visiting the special dining restaurants of Park Royal. The exotic restaurants of the Park Royal InterContinental Hotel include:

  • Rendezvous: You can have a relaxing time at this cute coffee shop which is opened for 24 hours.
  • 28th The Grill: The 28th Floor of Park Royal InterContinental is one of the best places that you can be in at the hotel It has excellent restaurants which offer several cuisines and great drinks.
  • Champions: This is a lovely themed restaurant which has a sports bar to allure men and young blood.
  • Blue Elephant: With a unique name like this, the hotel attracts you to the blue pond with fishes swimming all around you. Enjoy some mouthwatering delicacies and spend a great time at the blue elephant.

Apart from these, there are many more attractive restaurants in Park Royal InterContinental Hotel.

How to reach Park Royal InterContinental Hotel:

The Park Royal InterContinental Hotel is easily accessible. The hotel lies at a distance of 20 kilometers from the Airport, 22 Kilometers from the nearby main Bus Stand and only 10 kilometers from the nearby Railway Station.

The Park Royal InterContinental Hotel is a five star hotel by all virtues. You will love this five star hotel which can only give you great lodging experience and nothing less than that.