Infrastructure in Delhi

Infrastructure in Delhi has improved over the years. It has grown despite the harsh situation the capital city of the country was subjected to during the recession. At that point of time, the growth may not have been as expected; nevertheless, it didn’t come to a halt either.

Inflow of FDI or foreign direct investment was one of the factors that kept this sector growing. Infrastructure in Delhi has appealed to innumerable investors from around the world to invest in different sectors.

Industries in Delhi

The industries that have seen an upsurge include the IT, ITES, Business Process Outsourcing, and Knowledge Process Outsourcing etc. These sectors have grown manifold over the years. Few other industries that have gained prominence too include the following –

HousingPower facilitiesTelecommunicationTransportation etc

With every passing day, new flyovers, bridges, sanitation, and healthcare facilities are being added to the infrastructure of the city.

Education in Delhi

As far as education is concerned, there are many colleges and institutes that already exist in the city. Delhi has some of the best known colleges where students love to study. And if you get a degree from any one of these educational institutes, it can take you places in your career.

Real estate in Delhi

Infrastructure in Delhi with regards to real estate has witnessed an upswing too. The prices of property have started escalating again. And earlier when the home loan rates and prices of houses were at an all time low, is gradually looking up again. This also indicates that the demand for property is on the rise.

Increase in demand for allied real estate services

With the increase in demand for residential as well as commercial property, the allied services related to housing and real estate is also gaining popularity.

For instance, the facility management and property management companies are doing good business and so are the real estate agents. The movers and packers have also gained prominence over the years as the tendency to migrate to other states/cities for better employment has also risen considerable.

Since more and more people are relocating, there are many people who have to keep their homes locked in Delhi. The maintenance (payment of property taxes, collection of rent, repair and renovation work etc) is usually taken care of by the property management companies. All you need to do is pay a lump sum as fee to these companies.

Hospitals in Delhi

When we talk about infrastructure in Delhi, how can we leave out the hospitals in the city? There are many hospitals and medical institutes in Delhi. All the medical facilities are available in these hospitals. Most of the hospitals have state-of-the-art medical facilities.

Transportation in Delhi

Infrastructure in Delhi also comprises the transport network of the capital city of the country. The fact that Delhi Metro has successfully connected all the major places in the city is good news and a big sigh of relief for the Delhites.

The city has well developed transportation network. There are public buses, taxis, and auto rickshaws that you can avail. Indira Gandhi International Airport is a busy airport in the country. It draws considerable traffic of passengers. And the best part is all major airlines companies operate flights to and fro. The airport has an International as well as domestic terminal.