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Facility Management in Delhi

Facility management in Delhi is one of the important branches of the service industry which is catching up rather fast. And this has given rise to a number of facility management companies in Delhi. With every passing day, our lives are getting more and more complex. As such we hardly find time to attend the daily chores and the occasional cleaning of the house and the surrounding premises.

Facility management in Delhi is good not just for an apartment or a bungalow but it is also a good way of keeping your commercial space well maintained and secured.

How do facility management companies in Delhi help you?

There is a wide range of facilities and services offered by the facility management firms in Delhi. However, not all of them offer all the services. While a particular company may specialize in one service, there are few others who offer more than 2/3 services to the common people of Delhi.

Facility management in Delhi- What are the services offered?

The services offered by the various facility management companies in Delhi include the following –

Furniture maintenance

Whether it is the furniture of your home or of the office, seeking help of the facility management firms in Delhi will help you to protect your expensive furniture against termite and ill-effects of the weather, wear and tear etc. This is particularly helpful for the furniture in large office spaces.

Pest Control

Regular pest control is necessary in home and office. This is taken care of by the facility management firms.

Security services

Security is an important aspect that needs to be taken care of. In this regard, the facility management companies make use of several devices that help them to ward off anti social elements from a housing complex or an official enclave. They also deploy security guards in areas where they are required.

Garden maintenance

The lovely gardens we see everywhere around the historical monuments and other well known landmarks is taken care of occasionally. Even the gardens we see in the housing complexes need to be maintained well. And it is definitely not possible for an individual to do so. In this regard, the companies taking care of facility management in Delhi play an important role.

In addition to the services mentioned above, facility management in Delhi will also help you to delegate responsibility of the following to the firms that take care of facility management in the Indian capital city. They are as follows –

  • Catering and pantry services
  • Event management
  • Pay Roll Facilities
  • Building maintenance
  • Electrical appliance maintenance
  • Housekeeping services

Given below are names of few of the facility management companies in Delhi. Check them out –

  • Hitech Property Management and Services
  • Orion Enterprises Pvt. Limited
  • Dutt and Associates Pvt. Limited
  • Niharika IT Solutions
  • Hemkunt Special and Security Services Pvt. Limited
  • Reliable Facilities and Interiors Pvt. Limited
  • Netneh Facilities and Management Services
  • Infotechvally
  • Royal Home Care
  • G Group Facilities Service
  • Twenty Four Even Facility Management Pvt. Limited
  • Energetic Services