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Guru Gobind Singh Government Hospital

Delhi is known as a multicultural and cosmopolitan city which has a lot to offer. This is one of the most developed metros, where you can see tradition is well merged with modernity. On one hand you can see swanky shopping malls and on the other hand you can see various old palaces, forts, monuments etc. Delhi also has some of the best hospitals which are world famous. People from all over the world drops in to avail the best medical facilities which are offered by these hospitals. There are many hospitals in Delhi which includes both private and government hospitals. Guru Gobind Singh Government Hospital is one of the government hospitals in Delhi where you can avail different facilities. A brief overview of the hospital is given below.

About the Hospital

Guru Gobind Singh Government Hospital is located at Raghubir Nagar in Delhi and is near to Raja Garden metro station. This hospital was built in 1993 and it is a100 bed hospital which offers OPD, i.e. out patient department facility as well. Apart from these there are several other departments and facilities which you can avail from this hospital.

Services Provided

The hospital has an out patient department along with a casualty block. The out patient department has a lot of facilities and has doctors from different wings, who treats patients at free of cost. The out patient department at Guru Gobind Singh Government Hospital is open on all weekdays from Monday to Friday and on Saturdays it remains open up to lunch. Apart from that you can also stay at the hospital if you wish you can also stay at the hospital and opt for through check up.

There are minor and major operation theatres in the hospital, where operations are held. The nature of the operation is first judged and then it is operated in the respective theater. The minor operation theatre is used for small surgeries where the patient can be discharged on that very day.

OPD Departments

There are a number of OPD or out patients department which offers specialized treatment to the patients. Mentioned below are names of few such OPD departments at Guru Gobind Singh Government Hospital:

  • Medicine
  • Orthopedics
  • Cardiology
  • Gynecology
  • Skin
  • Surgery
  • Dental
  • ENT
  • Eye Specialists

Apart from these the OPD also has a homeopathy department where you can drop in. this facility is unique, as you will rarely find homeopathy treatments being offered at hospitals.

Specialty Clinics at Guru Gobind Singh Government Hospital

There are some specialized treatments which are offered by this hospital. If you wish to get your self checked over here, then you need to make prior appointment. Given below are the names of the special clinics and departments at the hospital:

  • Retina
  • Otology
  • Leprosy
  • STD Clinic
  • Dermatology Clinic
  • Post Natal Clinic
  • Cancer Screening Clinic
  • Medical Review clinic

Other facilities

There are various other facilities which are offered by Guru Gobind Singh Government Hospital are given below:

Drug Shop

Most of the medicines which are prescribed by the doctors are available in the drug shop. At times medicines are given to patients from the out patient department. Preferences are given to physically handicapped, senior citizens etc. Even if the patients need to buy medicines from the chemist shops, they are available at cheap.

Emergency Services

You can avail primary emergency services at Guru Gobind Singh Government hospital and if you require specialized treatment then you have to get in touch with the respective doctor. If the patient is serious, then the hospital authorities refer them to some other hospital. They are often referred to other major government hospitals.

Indoor Services

A patient is often kept in these rooms and is discharged later after observing them for some time. There are beds which are kept reserved in the hospital for this purpose.

Diagnostic Services

Guru Gobind Singh Government hospital also offers various diagnostic facilities. The patients can avail these facilities for free. Even if fee is required for some test, it is pretty nominal as compared to other private hospitals.