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Property Dealers in Delhi

The property dealers in Delhi often referred to as the real estate agents play an important role in the real estate market in Delhi. In fact the same holds true for any property market in India and abroad. They are the actual players and have a thorough understanding of the property market in Delhi.

If you are planning to buy, sell, or rent out your premises in Delhi, make sure you get in touch with a reliable property dealer in the capital city of India. The fact that the real estate market has taken an upward swing has proved to be beneficial for the property dealers in Delhi.

The scenario was quite different during the economic meltdown. Such was the state of the property dealers that many had to switch their profession to earn a living. There was practically a stalemate in the property market in Delhi during that period. As a result, property transaction was almost zero. This adversely affected the commission enjoyed by the property dealers in Delhi.

The real estate agents enjoy incentives when they help a client buy/sell/rent a property by negotiating the deal.

Services offered by property dealers in Delhi


The real estate agents in Delhi will help you to locate plot for construction of a house or office. They also help you to locate land that you want to use for agriculture.


The real estate marketers will also help you to buy readymade apartments and stand alone houses.


You can also seek assistance if you are looking for commercial space. Commercial space can include –telephone booths, cyber cafes, showrooms (automobile, cell phone, jewelry, watches, cell phone, and garments etc). There are many people who look out for industrial sheds etc.

Title Verification of property

If you have zeroed-in on a particular property and irrespective of whether you are buying/selling/renting/leasing, you can get the documents and the title deed verified. This is of utmost importance. If the papers are not straight, you may as well land up in serious trouble in future. The price you may have to pay will be too big.


There are many property dealers in Delhi who will have contacts with moving agencies in Delhi. They can help you in relocating to a particular place if you intend to do so. In fact there are many real estate agents who offer this service too.

Leasing and Renting

Leasing and renting are 2 areas that are taken care of by the property marketers too. They have detailed listing of landlords and properties for lease. So, you can check out with them to find if you get a deal of your liking.

Construction consultation

You may also come across many real estate dealers in Delhi who have sound knowledge about construction procedures. So, you can as well take some tips from them.

The property dealers in Delhi have a detailed listing of commercial as well as residential property for buying/selling/leasing/renting.
The names of eminent property dealers in Delhi are given below –

  • Angel Buildtech
  • Adarsh Properties
  • DHFL Property Services Limited
  • Inika Real Estate
  • GTB Estate
  • HSN Realty Services
  • Ansals
  • DLF Group
  • Unitech Group
  • Parsvnath Developers
  • Sharma Estates
  • Skyline Realtors