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Rental Property Market in Delhi

The real estate market rates in Delhi have escalated as compared to what it was when recession was at its peak. Whether it is residential or commercial property, the prices have shown an upward trend. And this is likely to continue for sometime now. So, if you didn’t make the best use of the lower rates during the economic shortfall, you will probably have to shell out a considerable amount now. The rental property market in Delhi has occupied center-stage.

It is not an easy task to zero-in on a property that has been let out. The same holds true not just for the housing market in Delhi but also for the commercial property market in Delhi.

If you are relocating to Delhi and you do not wish to buy a shelter of your own, you can as well as opt for rented premises. And moving with your goods to the new locality is not a problem any longer due to the presence of the movers and packers in Delhi. These companies will help you to relocate to a rented place.

Factors on which rate of rental property market in Delhi depends

There are various factors that will determine the rental charge. Few of the factors include the following –

Location where you are looking for the rented premises

If the place where you are planning to take a rented home is on the main street and close to the important places, you will have to pay more. For instance, there are many landlords who claim more cash if their house is close to the bus terminal, bank, and marketplace etc.

Amenities offered

The amount you have to pay as rent also depends on the amenities that are being offered in the rented premises. These days, rental property market in Delhi offer all possible services and facilities to the renters. Some of the facilities and services that you can look forward to include the following –

  • Air conditioners
  • Hot water supplies
  • Power backup
  • Television
  • Environment
  • Heaters
  • Lawn
  • Elevator
  • Lift

Depending on the amenities present in the rented premises, you have to pay your rental.

Residential or Commercial

The rent is comparatively more for a commercial space than a residential space. The posh areas will attract more rent as compared to the areas that are located in the interiors of the city etc.


There are few landlords who check your past payment history by taking details of your previous landlord etc. However, this is prevalent in some places and not all.

Rental property market in Delhi - Role of real estate agents

If you are not able to look for a rental premise on your own, you can seek assistance of a real estate agent. The real estate agent will find out your requirements related to the – size of the house/office, amenities preferred, budget, and purpose of taking rented premise etc. Accordingly, he will look for a similar address that will match your requirement. All you need to do is pay him a nominal fee. The amount you pay to the real estate agent differs from one locality to another.