Focus Delhi

Transport System in Delhi

Delhi being the capital city of India has got a sound transport system. The public transport system in the city comprises the Delhi Transport Corporation bus system, the Delhi Metro, cycle-rickshaws, auto-rickshaws and the taxis. Post the introduction of the Delhi Metro a rail based transit system has become prominent. The other means of transportation in Delhi are private cars and taxis, railways, and inter-state bus and many more.

Buses in Delhi are one of the most famous means of conveyance that most people use. Of the total population, they cater to almost 60 per cent of the people.

Private Vehicles in Delhi

There are people in Delhi who also use the private medium of conveyance. That is the private cards. 30 per cent of the total population in Delhi use private cards for daily commuting.

Delhi Airport

Another major form of transportation in Delhi is the airplanes. This is more to do with covering a huge distance and traveling inter city and state. The Indira Gandhi International Airport is the point that serves both domestic as well as international flights. The airport is located in south-west Delhi. Some of the airlines that serve the city are Jet Airways, Spicejet, Sahara, and Indigo and so on.

Delhi Transport Plan

The Delhi Government has plans to develop the transportation system in the city. Plans are on to have a 413 km of metro. Added on to that there are plans to have a BRT of 292 km. The monorails are estimated to be of 50 km each and there are also plans for a light rail by 2020.

Auto-Rickshaws in Delhi

Auto-Rickshaws, which are better known as Auto, form a major part of public transport in Delhi. They have even cheap fares than taxis. The difficult part is hiring an auto. As you will get very few auto-drivers who would comply to go with the standard fare. The most convenient way is to bargain for one. Though this often results in a verbal conflict between an individual and the auto driver. Often drivers demand huge fares and unreasonable demands. Having said that you will also come across some good taxi drivers. It is advised that you always tip these good drivers.

Taxi’s in Delhi

Though taxi’s are very easy to access they are not a very important part of the Delhi transport. This is mostly true for public transport. It is the Indian Tourism Minister and the other different private owners operate the taxi’s.

Rail Transport in Delhi.

The rail transport became popular in Delhi with the advent of the Delhi Metro. There is also this Ring Railway in Delhi that runs almost parallel to the ring road system. More and more people today take the metro transport. The passenger list varied from young professionals to college students. This is one of the most convenient and safest means of transport.

The government of Delhi is taking efforts to make the transport in Delhi way more smooth and evolved.