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Delhi Commonwealth Games 2010 Mascot

Curious to know about Shera, the face of the soon to be held Commonwealth Games in Delhi? Read on to know all about the Delhi Commonwealth Games 2010 Mascot.

Shera Delhi Commonwealth Games Mascot

For the uninitiated, Shera is the official mascot of the coming Commonwealth Games to be held in Delhi in 2010. The name 'Shera' is derived from the Hindi word 'Sher' meaning 'tiger'.

Why is 'Shera' the mascot?

In Indian mythology, the tiger is regarded as the vehicle of Godddess Durga, one of the prominent hindu deities. Godddess Durga is hailed as the Mother Goddess and a symbol of the divine female cosmic power. The tiger is her pet and powerful vehicle who assists her in her divine battles with demons. It was the tiger that helped the Goddess slay the terrible demon king Mahishasur.

The tiger stands for all positive qualities like

  • Power
  • Majesty
  • Grace
  • Intelligence
  • Charisma

Shera embodies all these qualities. But there is more to this cute mascot.

Modern Indian

Shera is a blend of the past and present India. One one hand, he symbolizes the mythical tiger. On the other hand, he represents the modern Indian. He is defined as

  • An achiever with a positive outlook.
  • An energetic and honest competitor.
  • A ‘large-hearted gentleman’.
  • An amiable creature.
  • A sports enthusiast who enthuses people to ‘come out and play’.
  • A global citizen who is proud of his cultural heritage.
  • A creature careful of his environment

For all these virtues, he is deemed fit to be the Delhi Commonwealth Games 2010 Mascot.

Besides, Shera is a Royal Bengal Tiger. The Royal Bengal Tiger is the national animal of India. It is one of the endangered species in India. The reasons for this are

  • Large-scale poaching
  • Environmental degradation
  • Loss of habitat due to forest felling and construction

The mascot is supposed to be a reminder of this fact to the Indians.

Birth of Shera

Shera was first presented to the world at the Closing Ceremony of the Melbourne Commonwealth Games. Everyone present during this event was urged by Shera to come and participate in the Commonwealth Games Delhi 2010.

Fast facts about Shera

  • Shera is the mascot of the Nineteenth Commonwealth Games to be held in October 2010 at New Delhi.
  • Shera is a Royal Bengal Tiger.
  • He wears a white sporting jersey and blue shorts.
  • On 28th May, Shera met students of the Delhi university and receieved a warm welcome.
  • Shera was introduced to the world in Melbourne in 2006.
  • Shera urges everyone to ‘Come Out and Play’, the official motto of the Nineteenth Commonwealth Games.
  • Shera gets its name from the Hindi word ‘sher’ meaning ‘tiger’.
  • Shera is a mascot for all age groups. But he is especially popular among children and young Indians.
  • Shera is a competitor with integrity and honesty.

Hope you liked reading about Shera, the Delhi Commonwealth Games 2010 Mascot.