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Delhi Commonwealth Games 2010 venues

Commonwealth Games are approaching. Aren’t you excited? You must be. This year, Commonwealth Games is hosted by India. Delhi is going to host this great sports event. Delhi Commonwealth Games 2010 venues can give a glimpse of the important places in Delhi, where the different games are going to be held.

It’s indeed a thrill to be at the Commonwealth Games 2010. You can be a part of some of the best competitions and sports events. Some of the sports competitions are, Athletics, Shooting, Tennis, Wrestling, Lawn Bowls and so on.

Delhi Commonwealth Games 2010 venues at a glance:

If you are all set to check out the Commonwealth games, here is some interesting information for you. Delhi Commonwealth Games 2010 is being held at five single venues and six other cluster locations. These different clusters are having different sports competitions. Some of these are:

After the opening ceremony, the sports events begin at various locales and on different dates.

  • Cluster I: Cycling, Wrestling, Gymnastics.
  • Cluster II: Table Tennis, Archery
  • Cluster III: Squash, Badminton
  • Cluster 1V: Hockey, Archery
  • Cluster V: Boxing, Swimming and others.

Others venues are being constructed. They are already in process. These different locations which are being renued are, Thyagaraj Sports Complex, Yamuna Sports Complex, Dr Karni Singh Shooting Range, and so on. These varied locations will host games like, swimming competition, shooting competitions, weightlifting competitions, etc.

Competition locales of Delhi Commonwealth 2010 Games:

  • Thyagaraj Sporta Complex:
  • Jawaharlal Sports Complex:
  • Indira Gandhi Sports Complex:
  • Major Dhyan Chand National Stadium:
  • Siri Fort Sports Complex:
  • Dr. S.P. Mukherjee Swimming Stadium
  • R.K. Khanna Tennis Complex
  • Dr. Karni Singh Shooting Range
  • Delhi University
  • Yamuna Sports Complex
  • Central Vista - India Gate

Non- Competition locales:

Commonwealth Games 2010 has other important locales which are being used for different purposes. Some of these includes, the main media centre, Indira Gandhi International Airport, and the Games Family Hotel.

  • Main Media Centre: The main media centre has the sole responsibility of broadcasting the entire event and facilitating the other channels. It has the International Broadcasting Centre and the Main Press Centre which are close by the Games Village at Pragati Maidan.
  • Games Family Hotel: Hotel Ashok is officially taken as the Games Family Hotel. This hotel has the responsibility to be a good host to members from International Sports Federations, CGF, and Technical Delegates and so on.
  • Indira Gandhi International Airport: This Airport has the responsibility to welcome not just Sports stars but also guests for the Commonwealth Games 2010.

These non-competition Delhi Commonwealth Games 2010 venues are equally important as they are going to look after the comfort and the other requirements of the sports committees and the members.

The Commonwealth games are easily accessible. There are arrangements made to facilitate guests and sports members to reach the venue on time. You can catch a glimpse or rather book a seat and grab some amazing games competitions, reaching these Delhi Commonwealth Games 2010 venues on time. Watch all these sports fun live from the stadiums and be a part of the opening and closing ceremony too.