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Delhi Travel Map

Delhi Travel Map

Delhi is the national capital and it is the second largest metropolis in India. Due to migration of people from different parts of the country, it is one of the cosmopolitan and multi cultural cities which have a lot to offer to its tourists. There are different places of historical interest and places of tourist attraction which you can visit during your trip to the city. Before your trip to the city, you can consult the Delhi travel map in order to have an overview of the place.

History of Delhi

The city has a rich history and it is reflected through the ancient buildings, forts, monuments etc. Delhi was an abode to different empires like the Mauryan, Tughluq, Tomara and various other dynasties. In fact, it is believed by most of the people that Delhi was the capital of the Pandavas, of the Mahabharata and was known as the land of Indrapastha. Delhi travel map will help you to have a look at the present and the past history of the place. It will also help to plan your trip to different parts of the city.

Overview of Delhi

Delhi is divided into different regions and various sub regions. It is better to plan your trip keeping in mind about the different regions. In a broad way it can be divided in the following manner:

  • North Delhi
  • West Delhi
  • South Delhi
  • East Delhi

Delhi can be further divided as Old Delhi and New Delhi. These two on the other hand are further divided into different localities.

Types of Delhi Travel Map

There are four types of Delhi travel map which you can browse before your trip to the place. These maps will guide you and help you to locate different places of interest in and around these regions. There are various places where you can visit, so it is better to chalk out a plan so that you can enjoy your trip. The different types of maps are mentioned below:

  • North Delhi Maps
  • West Delhi Maps
  • South Delhi
  • East Delhi

North Delhi Maps

In the north Delhi maps, you can know about Delhi University, Kashmere Gate, Azadpur, Ashok Vihar etc. The detailed road guide is given, which will help you to decide which place to visit. It will also help to have an idea regarding the time that will be required to cover all the places of interest.

West Delhi Maps

Delhi travel map is divided into different areas and you can know about Janakpuri, Kirti Nagar, Rajouri garden etc which are located in west Delhi.

South Delhi Maps

In South Delhi Maps you will come to know about R.K. Puram, Kalka Ji, and Greater Kailash etc. During your trip to south Delhi, you can drop in at swanky shopping malls and can have a look at the various international brands which are available. South Delhi has a trendier look as compared to north Delhi and you can feel the difference as soon as you drop in at South Delhi.

East Delhi Maps

Maps of east Delhi on the other hand include places like Shahdara, Lakshmi Nagar, Preet Vihar etc.

A look at Delhi Travel Map will also help you to know about the route of Delhi Metro rail which connects different parts of Delhi, including old and New Delhi. It is better to avail metro when you visit different places in and around the city, in order to avoid the frequent traffic snarls which the city encounters everyday. It is better to check the authenticity of the travel map before you go through it, otherwise it may mislead you.

Delhi Travel Map