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Fairs and Festivals in Ghaziabad

Planning to go on a vacation to Ghaziabad? Know all about the fairs and festivals in Ghaziabad before you really set out for the place.



Ghaziabad is one of the biggest industrial cities in Uttar Pradesh. Founded by Emperor Ghazi-ud-din, this historic city stands 19 kms away from Delhi.


How to reach Ghaziabad

By air – You can land at the Indira Gandhi International Airport at New Delhi. You can hire a car to drive to Ghaziabad. Ghaziabad is approximately a driving distance of 30 minutes away from the international airport.

By train – It is approximately at a half-an-hour driving distance from two major Delhi railway stations. These are the Nizamuddin Railway station and the New Delhi Railway Station.

By road – Connectivity is not a problem in Ghaziabad. The state operated "Uttar Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation" (UPSRTC) runs a regular bus service across the city.


Fairs and Festivals in Ghaziabad

You can catch a number of festivals and fairs in Ghaziabad throughout the year. These mainly include religious occasions belonging to different faiths.


Important festivals in Ghaziabad


Ram Navami

This hugely popular festival is dedicated to the worship of Lord Rama. It is held on the ninth day of the bright half of the Chaitra month in the Hindu calendar. The occassion has devout Hindus fasting around Ghaziabad. Temples dedicated to the Lord are beautifully decorated and brightly illuminated during the festival. Passages from the hindu epic Ramayana are read in the temples and also in many Hindu homes. Many devotees come to the temple to listen to the recitation and worship the Lord. People also offer worship to Lord Rama in their own homes.



This grand festival is held on the eight day of the dark half of the Hindu month of Bhadra. It marks the birth anniversary of Lord Krishna, the supreme Hindu deity. All temples in Ghaziabad dedicated to Lord Krishna are brightly decked up during the occassion. People keep a fast all day long and break it only at midnight. In many temples, small idols representing the baby Krishna are kept in cribs. They are worshipped and welcomed amidst holy chanting at midnight, when the Lord is believed to have been born. People worship the Lord in these temples and even pay respects to him in their own homes.



This holy festival is dedicated in honour of Lord Shiva. It falls on the thirteenth day of the dark half of the Hindu month Phalguna. Like many other religious festivals, Shivaratri witnesses thousands of devotees fasting for the Lord. This is supposed to purify oneself spiritually and prepare the path of salvation. All Shiva temples in the place are decorated beautifully. Thousands of pious Hindus visit these temples to offer fruits, water and flowers to the Lord.

Other important festivals here include Id-ul-Fitr, Guru Nanak Jayanti, Muharram, Lohri and Baisakhi.


Important fairs in Ghaziabad


Garhmukteshwar Ganga Fair

Garhmukteshwar is a city in the Ghaziabad district. Every year, a huge bathing fair is observed here on the full moon day in the Hindu month of Kartik. An estimated 8 lakh people come here from all parts of the country to have a dip in the sacred river Ganga. This bathing fair makes Garhmukteshwar very popular. Another fair is held here during the Dussehra festival. It is believed to attract about 50,000 visitors.


Hope you liked reading about the fairs and festivals in Ghaziabad.