With the first master plan of Delhi came the concept of NCR. Delhi being the capital of India had loads of advancements. There were industries and other major developments taking place, in and around Delhi. As a result, population of Delhi went on increasing. Delhi being the seat of every important action in terms of business and growth, this was bound to happen.

NCR and its Inception:
NCR or the National Capital Region (Delhi) is the metropolitan area of the national capital, Delhi. With the Master Plan of Delhi, which was conceived in the year 1962, came a new thought to extend Delhi to other regions and states. NCR came into being with the main aim of solving the problem of growing population and need for space.

The plan included neighbouring states of Delhi for expansion. There has been a demand for more space and that resulted in development of satellite cities Noida and Gurgaon. These satellite cities were like a boon, as now the people had various options to stay in.

Advantages of NCR:
NCR mainly consists of Faridabad, Noida, Ghaziabad, and Gurgaon. The NCR includes Utter Pradesh and Haryana. Few more towns were added to fulfil the main aim behind NCR formation.

With time and globalization being a part of Delhi, the need for more space would have been a major problem. But, NCR had already solved this problem. Thus, all Delhi did was improve and improve. Several companies set their base in Delhi. MNC’s and Government offices are in plenty in and around Delhi. NCR towns are flooded with BPO’s, ITES, IT, service industries and manufacturing companies.

These towns under NCR developed rapidly. Renowned companies, made these towns as their business base and this led to the fame of the NCR towns, spread like a wild fire. The fame on the other hand, led to more companies coming in to these towns.

Attraction of NCR towns:
NCR has everything to attract a bed earner. It has good infrastructure, great roads, excellent connectivity, and flyovers and so on. These towns are an attraction to the new industries and companies as well, as there’s never any dearth of manpower supply.

As these NCR towns were nearby the main capital, they got equal importance. These towns got major attention from the government as well. Apart from Delhi, the states were being benefited as well. Several sectors like the IT, manufacturing units, Real Estate came up with a promise to give a new direction to the NCR towns.

Major NCR Cities:
Faridabad: This is one of the industrial cities in Haryana. The city’s on the north of Delhi.Noida: Noida is one of the most blessed cities near Delhi. It has several industries and is still developing.Ghaziabad: Ghaziabad is worth a visit. Among the top most dynamic cities in the world, Ghaziabad stands a place. As an NCR town, this town got most of its fame.

With NCR facilitating the growth of Delhi, Delhi got extra wings to fly towards its much needed growth. Delhi has a major responsibility of competing with other nations as a capital city. So, why not check out the NCR cities near Delhi. You never know, you might just make your fortune at one of these cities.