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Places of interest in Ghaziabad

Any plans to visit Ghaziabad? If you have, you must visit the places of interest in Ghaziabad. This beautiful Indian city boasts of some wonderful tourist spots that you are sure to enjoy.



Ghaziabad is one of the major industrial cities in Uttar Pradesh. It is a highly developed place and is densely populated. This has ensured that the city has good facilities and infrastructure. A good transport system means that you will not have any problem reaching the city. You can fly to the Indira Gandhi International airport, which is only 45 kms from this city. Regular buses operated by the UPSRTC ply on the well-maintained roads of the place.
All this is good for tourists who want to visit the tourist destinations in Ghaziabad.


Ghaziabad tourist attractions

Every year, thousands of tourists come to visit Ghaziabad. This is because of the various tourist hotspots that exist in and around the city. The tourist places in Ghaziabad include


Thakurdwara temple

This sacred Hindu temple is situated in the Ajrara village. The village stands at the left of the river Kali Nadi. The temple had reportedly been built by the Hindu king Ajaipal.


Sabli Shiv Mandir

This beautiful temple stands at the village Hapur in Ghaziabad. It is dedicated to the worship of Lord Shiva, one of the major Hindu deities.


Chandi Mandir

This wonderful temple is dedicated to Goddess Chandi. It is located at Hapur, a small village in Ghaziabad. The village is famous for its jaggery and grain market. It is one of the greatest places of interest in Ghaziabad.


Dudheshwar Nath Mandir

Shri Dudheshwar Nath Mahadev Math Mandir is a very popular local temple. It owes its name to a strange legend. It is said that long ago a cow released her own milk into a hole dug by her. Pious Hindus built a temple on that site. The Dudheshwar Nath temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva. It is believed to be a 5000 year old structure. The temple is one of the major Ghaziabad tourist hotspots.


Pragati Maidan Crafts Museum

This museum showcases a plethora of traditional Indian handicrafts. The crafts include rural as well as tribal handiworks. The museum is quite well-maintained. It is situated at the Pragati Maidan area in the city.


Kaseri mound

Located by River Hindon, it is supposed to be a pre-historic site. A major civilization is believed to have prospered here around 2500 B.C.


Sai Upvan

This beautiful monastery houses the shrine of Sai Baba. It is located on GT Road that lies near to River Hindon. It is an ideal place to get in touch with your own spiritual self.



You must visit the city during the annual Dussehra festival. A grand bathing fair is organized here during the festival. The fair is hugely popular. Around 8 lakh people come to this fair every year to take a dip in the river Ganga. Another important highlight of the town is a 13th century mosque. It had been constructed by Giasuddin Balban, a powerful monarch of Delhi.


These are some of the prominent places of interest in Ghaziabad.