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Dilli Haat

About Delhi Haat

An alliance between the New Delhi Municipal Corporation and the Delhi Tourism and Transportation Department Corporation (DTTDC). Dilli Haat is a venture which is aimed towards the promotion of the Indian handicrafts industry as well as Indian cuisine. It is located in the heart of new New Delhi in Sri Aurobindo Marg. Ministry of Textiles with the offices of Development Commissioner (Handicrafts) and Development Commissioner (Handlooms) has been instrumental in promoting and supporting this project. The venture provides a platform for rural artisans and craftsmen, marketing their products sans the involvement of a middle man.

Dilli Haat Features

The sprawling Haat, which is built on a six acre plot houses close to sixty-two stalls. A weekly market, Dilli Haat is an amalgamation of handicrafts from all corners of India.  Craftsmen and artisans from all over India come here to display their wares and artistry. Some shops in the complex are permanent whereas some are leased for a specific period. The leasing of the shops operates on a rotation basis, whereby each seller is allocated a given space only for a period of fifteen days. Post this period, the stall is then given to a new seller to display their products. This system gives everyone an opportunity to showcase their craftsmanship. Moreover, the meager leasing cost of INR 100 makes it accessible and viable for people from the rural areas.


Dilli Haat Specialty

Dilli Haat is an endeavor to familiarize people with the rich cultural heritage of India and an attempt to give fillip to the Indian handicrafts industry. The Haat or village market, gives artisans who are from remote corners of India a platform to exhibit their products, which otherwise would have slipped into relative anonymity. It is an attempt to bring the village market to the city, while retaining its essence and heritage.


Things to buy in Dilli Haat

Myriad items are sold in the Haat, which range from footwear made camel skin, handloom and silk items, sandalwood etc. These products are essentially unique and hand crafted and is a testimony to the signature creativity and skills of the Indian craftsmen. Additionally, the Haat has an exhibition hall where promotional handicraft and handloom shows are held frequently.


Food in Dilli Haat

Throbbing with vigor and vitality, Dilli Haat is a haven for gastronomes.  The Haat has several stalls and a food plaza, which cater to different Indian cuisines. One can relish the culinary specialties from different regions of India.   The bazaar provides a kaleidoscopic view of the diverse Indian culture and heritage. Additionally, since all the products are under one umbrella and government accredited, the prices are not overstated and the wares are genuine.


Dilli Haat Shopping

Shopping at Dilli Haat is a memorable experience for it captures the spirit of rural India and the handicrafts industry.  The venture is a synthesis of rural India with modern India. The Haat also presents the village industries in a positive light, encouraging tourists and locals alike to embrace the richness of Indian cultural heritage. The Dilli Haat venture endeavors to give a fillip to the fading handicrafts and handlooms industries.