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DLF City Centre

Shopping in Delhi can be real fun. You can explore some of the best shopping centers or drop in at the famous malls. DLF City Centre is one of the best places to shop, in Delhi. It is a mall which sells all kinds of stuff under the same roof. DLF City Centre is a mall which attracts people from all walks of life providing them with great shopping experience.


Location of the DLF City Centre:

This amazing building is located at a very well known area. It lies in the Gurgaon and Merauli route. The DLF City Centre mall is a work of the DLF builders. DLF builders usually specialize in creating such infrastructural wonders. While entering the DLF City Centre, you are sure to notice its beautiful structure and the over all make of the building. The entire building is well decorated and allows sufficient light. The inside of the DLF City Centre mall has centralized Air conditioning.


Major attraction of DLF City Centre:

The DLF City Centre is one of the best places to spend your weekends. You will not only love to shop at this place, but also like to spend a lot of time enjoying the ambience of the mall. DT Cinemas multiplex is one of the main attractions of DLF City Centre. You can have a great time at the multiplex which showcases, Hindi and English latest released movies. In fact, the mall attracts lot of people especially during the weekends, when a movie releases.


The other main attraction of the DLF City Centre mall is the Lifestyle showroom. There is a huge Lifestyle showroom which has a great collection of clothes, fashion items, perfumes, glares and so on. People from far and wide; come to shop at this Lifestyle showroom in the DLF mall.


Shopping at DLF City Centre:

DLF City Centre has about 127 shops of various brands. There are several important brands which have their shops in the mall. Some of these may also be the well known International brands. Some of the well known brands which are present in this DLF mall are:

  • Pizza Hut
  • Mehrasons Jewelers
  • Lifestyle
  • Ruby Tuesday
  • Maspar


DLF City Centre gives a glimpse of the American style of shopping or the mall culture. The mall has maintained a high reputation in terms its services, maintenance and fame. The DLF City Centre has a crowd pulling capability. It has shops which sell varied range of items. The mall shelters several restaurants and food stalls, which form a major attraction.


Other facilities at DLF City Centre:

The DLF City Centre has a good parking facility. Two levels of the DLF mall building is assigned as the Parking space. But, on weekends, even this huge parking space is not enough. The DLF City Centre mall attracts most of the crowd on weekends.

People just love to shop at this modern shopping mall of Delhi. It has everything which a buyer may ask for. Thus, it’s a pleasure to shop at the DLF City Centre and you are sure to love it too.