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Gold Souk


About Gold Souk Mall

The Gold Souk mall is located in New Delhi and NCR, India. A specialty mall, it houses only jewelry for both men and women. The mall opened its doors to the public in 2002 and comprises of close to forty-two stores. Spread over 180, 000 square feet area, the mall stays open seven days a week from eleven am to nine pm and is amongst the popular shopping haunts in the city. The late opening and early closing timings of the mall are owing to the underlying security concerns in the Delhi and NCR areas. The location of the mall has slight connectivity issues and reaching it is difficult if one does not have their own conveyance. The security in the mall is tight given the high risk associated with the products it houses. One can find commandoes and not just regular security guards scouting the mall constantly.


Gold Souk Features

Gold Souk literally means a Gold bazaar or Gold Market in Arabic. The mall certainly is true to its name. An array of jewelry can be found in this one-stop, one-of-a-kind jewelry destination, which has shops by jewelers who are doing their family business and have been in this field for generations. The family lineage and heritage associated with jewelry making, which have been handed down from generation to generation add to the unique flavor associated with this mall.


Gold Souk Branches

Gold Souk has several branches which are spread over different cities of India. They have branches in Ludhiana, Kochi, Chennai and Jaipur to name a few. Several gold brands which are established names have taken retail space in this mall.


Jewelry Brands in Gold Souk

Established brands like Cygnus, Sangini, Orra and D damas are some of the eminent names associated with Gold Souk. Prominent names like the world’s largest 22- karat retailer, Alukkas, too has a store in Gold Souk.


Jewelers in Gold Souk

Gold Souk has a wide variety of jewelers to choose from. Both international and national jewelers have shops in this specialty mall where the customer feels spoilt for choice. The designs range from the traditional to contemporary, eclectic and eye catching. The mall targets gold merchants and gold jewelry buyers. Owing to its specialization, it is the best place where on can go and shop for jewelry, all under one roof at that! One can choose from gold, diamond, silver or even platinum jewelry. Semi-precious stones are also available here. Be it a marriage or engagement or any other festive or important occasion, the mall caters to the need completely.


The mall is synonymous with opulence and luxury. Gold Souk, despite being a jewelry mall has a food court, a children’s play area, a beauty salon. An executive lounge and even an ATM & bank counter!


Why visit Gold Souk?

Additionally, Gold Souk has the highest percentage of footfalls to sales conversion amongst all the malls in the city – a whopping 70% when compared to the 10% for other malls! The rent of INR 6600 per square feet, per annum is the highest in any mall in the retail space. The recipient of the “best retail venture in India”, Gold Souk is a popular shopping destination which has uniqueness as its USP.