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Delhi has some splendid options when it comes to shopping. You can visit places which boast of some great markets. Karolbagh is an important area of Delhi. It is located in the heart of Delhi. Karolbagh is well known for its old shopping areas which sell everything that a shopper may look for.


About Karolbagh:

Karolbagh is a residential and commercial area of Delhi. Located in Central Delhi, the area had a majority of Muslim population. The area has witnessed a lot of conflicts during the Independence and the unfortunate partition. But after all got over, Karolbagh slowly emerged as a great commercial centre. People established shops and sold various items for their living. This phenomena lead to a great change in and around this area.


Shopping at Karolbagh:

Karolbagh is one of the best places when it comes to shopping. You can go through the main areas of Karolbagh and collect what ever you want from the shops. The main areas of Karolbagh are:


  • Arya Samaj Road

    : If you love to read books, but you don’t want to spend much in buying books, Arya Samaj Road is the right place for you. You can buy second hand books from this area. Arya Samaj Road has a great stock of all kinds of books.


  • Ghaffar Market:

    The lanes and alleys of the Ghaffar Market may confuse you. But the more you discover this area the more it excites you. The shops at the Ghaffar Market sell everything such as, clocks, calculators, hairdryers, sunglasses, shoes etc.

  • Ajmal Khan Road

    : Ajmal Khan Road is located at the Karolbagh area. It is an area for people of all stature.  This area has shops of International brands as well as local shops which sell trendy stuff at cheaper rates. This area also has road side shops which sell interesting items. There are food shacks too, which adorns the roadside of Ajmal Khan Road. You can grab a quick bite of some mouthwatering delicacies while shopping at this famous shopping area of Karolbagh.


  • Bank Street:

    If you love gold and silver jewellery, you got to be at famous bank street of Karolbagh. You will get some exotic designs in the jewellery pieces. There are excellent shops which sell both real and artificial jewellery. You can pick some of the best works of these famous jewellery makers of Karolbagh to adorn yourself or your dear one. You will also come across some excellent stones and gems in this area. Karolbagh is aptly called the ‘silver street’ of Delhi. This area has some of the best goldsmiths and silversmiths who make excellent designer jewellery.

Areas of Karolbagh:

Karolbagh also has other important areas, apart from the shopping areas. Some of these areas are:

  • Anant Parvat

  • Jhandewalan Extension

  • Sarai Rohilla

Special attractions of Karolbagh:

Karolbagh boasts of some great shopping areas. This area also has several mediums of entertainment. Karolbagh has the famous Liberty Cinema hall which showcases most of the recent releases. This area is also well connected by the Delhi Metro railways. There lies a metro station at the Karolbagh.

To have a great shopping experience, you ought to visit Karolbagh. So, what are you waiting for?