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Khan Market

Shopping in Delhi is one of the best activities that you can indulge in. Khan Market is one of the best places to shop in, when in Delhi. This up-class market of South Delhi attracts millions of shopaholics from all corners of the world.

Khan market is centrally located in a very well known area of Delhi. It lies close to the Lodhi Gardens. Its proximity to some of the well known locations of Delhi makes it easily accessible by tourists. Foreigners are usually delighted to visit this shopping location, which offers variety of Indian handicrafts and goods to be taken as memoirs.


Origin of Khan Market:

The Khan Market is one of the oldest markets of Delhi. After the partition of India and Pakistan of 1947, this area was given to the Pakistani immigrants and the immigrants of North West provinces, to be used for the purpose of agriculture. This land later changed into a shopping area. With time, Khan Market area developed to a great extent. There were infrastructural advancements in and around the Khan Market, making it quite a posh area.


shape and contents of Khan Market:

The Khan Market is a marvelous shopping place to be in. The market is U shaped and covers all kinds of shops.  This U shaped market of Delhi shelters yet another U shaped mini market within it. You may actually not realize the shape of this market while you move from one attractive shop to another.  The mini market which lies nestled within the main Khan market, specializes in imported vegetables and other imported goods. The main market on the other hand has various shops selling goods for people from all walks of life.


Around Khan Market:

The Khan Market is a huge market place. The nearby area surrounding this market has lush greenery, due to its proximity to the Lodhi Gardens. Apart from the Lodhi Gardens, there are other important spots like, the World Wildlife Fund of Nature, India habitat centre, the India International Centre and so on. There are several Government offices and residential units in and around the Khan Market too. The Khan Market is centrally located and stands as a nearby neighbor to the India Gate too.


All about Khan Market:

Khan Market is a place for shoppers who love to shop. It is a market of convenience which has all sorts of shops selling various items. There are branded shops like Reebok, Nike, etc on one hand, while on the other hand there are shops which sell day to day necessities at affordable rates.

Khan Market delights people with all kinds of shops. These include furnishings, boutiques, cloth shops, handicrafts, liquor shop, and crystal shops and so on. There is also a car repair shop to make your journey through the city a smooth one.

Khan Market is also the place which has excellent food stalls and restaurants for shoppers who would love to munch while they shop. These restaurants and stalls serve mouthwatering snack items like kebabs, tikkas, ice cream, juices and so on.

Apart from shopping pleasures, the Khan Market also has doctor clinics for medical emergencies.


scene of Khan Market:

Just like other markets, Khan Market also offers the same market scene. There are hawkers trying to persuade you to buy goods. You will also find stray dogs walking through your trails in the Khan Market.

With so much and many more, Khan Market is a great market place to be in. You are sure to have a great shopping experience at this Delhi market place.