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Sadar Bazaar Area

Shopping in Delhi always leaves you exhausted but excited too. There are several major locations which are best places to shop. Sadar Bazaar Area is one of the best locations of Delhi, where you can shop goods at affordable rates. Sadar Bazaar area is a wholesale market area of Delhi. This area is always filled with buyers, shopkeepers, on lookers, hawkers and so on.


Location of Sadar Bazaar:

Sadar Bazaar area lies near the Khari Baoli. It is a prominent market of Old Delhi which sells every thing under the sun. Sadar Bazaar area is known as a wholesale market. It also has retail shops spread out at some places. Sadar Bazaar is further divided into several other important areas. These sub areas specialize in different goods. These areas include teliwara market, pratap market and the swadeshi market. The Sadar Bazaar lies close to the Delhi Main metro station. The Old Delhi Railway station too lies near the Sadar Bazaar area.


All about Sadar Bazaar area:

For people who want to shop extensively, Sadar Bazaar area is the most ideal place in Delhi. It is the biggest shopping centre that Delhi has. Sadar Bazaar attracts people from all corners of the world with its amazing collection of items. This area is apt to be visited by you if you are shopping for some functions or parties. You can buy large number of goods at an affordable price.

Sadar Bazaar area is also known for its lesser price. If you buy the same stuff from some mall or an outside retail shop, you are sure to spend much more than what you spend at Sadar Bazaar. In Sadar Bazaar who get a variety of goods at a much lesser price.

The Sadar Bazaar area is usually very crowded. It is packed with traders and buyers. The market is also very noisy. But shopping at Sadar Bazaar area is worth all the nuisances which you may face here.


Shopping experience at Sadar Bazaar:

Local people usually love to shop at the Sadar Bazaar area. They can purchase goods of daily needs in great quantity and at cheaper rates. Initially, the market was not as large as it is today. It was spread in a smaller area. With time, the market size widened. It now took the shape of a full blown wholesale market selling all sorts of goods. The lanes further added to the fame of the Sadar Bazaar area. These lanes specialized in special goods. People could not go to the specific lanes to search their select items and not wander throughout the Sadar Bazaar market area.

The Sadar Bazaar area functions from 11.30 am and remains open till 6.00pm on all days except on Sunday. You can certainly come to this huge market area and have a great time buying goods at cheaper rate.