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Sarojini Nagar

Sarojini Nagar is a major area of Delhi. It is one of the oldest and the cleanest areas of Delhi. Sarojini Nagar boasts of great shopping areas, which are famous for its street shops. These street shops exist since years and are famous by their names or their nick names. Yes, you read them right. These shops do have special nick names.

Sarojini Nagar in Delhi was named after a famous freedom fighter. This area took the name of the chivalrous Sarojini Naidu. It was previously named as Vinay Nagrand.


Main Areas of Sarojini Nagar:

Sarojini Nagar is sub divided into four main areas. These areas are known for different specialties. The four main areas of Sarojini Nagar are:

  • The Sabzi Market

    : If you want to taste some fresh fruit at reasonable rate, Sabzi Market or“Sabzi Mandi” as it is commonly referred to as, is the place for you. The Sabzi Market lies close to the Central Market area and is the place that sells fresh fruits and vegetables.


  • Babu Market:

    Babu Market is the real Sarojini Nagar market that you must visit. It has every thing which a shopper may ask for. Most of the shops in this area are old. These are more like ancestral properties which have come up as great shops. These shops are more like landmarks. After their fore fathers and their fathers dealing with the business, the sons are looking after the shops at the Babu Market. Some of the well known shops of Babu Market are Mahindra Sweets, Chacha Saree, a barber shop, Keval ki Toy Shop and so on.

  • Mandir Wali Gali:

    Mandir Wali Gali too is a decent place to be in at the Sarojini Nagar area.


  • Central Market:

    Central Market is a lovely market which has great number of shops. Central market is also the spice market. There are well known shops like, Kalpana Traders, General Stores, Alpana Traders and so on. You can also satisfy your taste buds by grabbing some tikkis and kulfis. The aroma coming out of street restaurants and bakeries are alluring enough to attract you to those lanes.


Sarojini Nagar attractions:

Sarojini Nagar promises to give you a great shopping experience. If you are a true Shopaholic, you will love to come to this Delhi area, again and again. Sarojini Nagar has shops to satisfy every need of yours. There are shoe shops, utensil shops, garment shops, food courts, and furniture shops and so on, to cater to every need of an individual. From shopping to eating, Sarojini Nagar gifts it all to you.

At Sarojini Nagar you can get trendy stuff at reasonable rates. You can bargain the prices and shop as per your likes. Delhi is indeed a great city to be in. And if you have not visited Sarojini Nagar area, you have missed a lot of fun. So, are you waiting to have a memorable shopping experience at Sarojini Nagar area in Delhi?ss